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The production team at Big Brother asked Blue a series of questions following her eviction, which were submitted by a collective of journalists covering the season. These questions were screened by CBS to prevent the possibility of influencing the jury, and this format will continue for the remainder of the season.

Check out the full exit interview below!

Courtesy of CBS

Do you feel like being in a showmance helped or hurt your game overall?

I think being in a showmance did both; I think it did help and hurt my game a little bit. I think it helped because I was able to get a different perspective and a different lens on different people and different strategies, which really helped. I also had someone that I [could] talk to and that I could trust fully 100%. But I think it did hurt my game because I started drifting away from the people I originally connected to myself, and that kind of hurt my game a little bit.

You and America seem to be friends, bonding over finding romantic connections in the house. But your games never really aligned. Then your main goal after Jared’s eviction became getting America out first and [you] told Mecole that America isn’t a girl’s girl. Why?

I didn’t think America was a girl’s girl because, initially, everything that I said to her just always went back to the boys. And I felt like she wasn’t playing her own game. She apologized to me as well for choosing the guys over a relationship with me.

Please explain to us what was happening in the house in the moments before your eviction.

The house was full of chaos. Everybody was gonna let me go see Julie Chen in a workout outfit, which was disgraceful to me. But you know, I think the moments leading up to my eviction, the house was full of craziness, but it was… I don’t know. It was everything that I expected Big Brother to be, I guess.

In regards to your showmance helping or hindering your gameplay, do you wish you had done anything different?

Do I wish I’ve done anything different? I wish I trusted my intuition and my gut instinct a little bit more in the beginning of the game. I was still trying to figure it out. I was really lost. And in the beginning, it was really hard for me to get a grip. But I wish I just kind of leaned into my own gut instincts from the very beginning, regarding my own game.  

Could there ever have been a world in where you would have wanted to work with America? Why or why not?

I would have loved nothing more than to work with Miss America. I think her and I really could have ran the game. Of course, she is my girly pop. I wish there was a world where her and I got closer and worked together. I think her and I really could have ran this game. However, our games just never aligned. Our showmances never aligned, which is super unfortunate. But absolutely. I think that’s one of my biggest regrets in this game: not aligning strategies with her.

Please explain what “Kitty, kitty, purr, boots down” means and when it is appropriate to use it.

Okay, basically, kitty kitty boots down is a feeling; it’s a form of expression. So whenever you’re walking down with the cutest, hottest new outfit… Kitty, kitty, purr. Whenever you just became valedictorian for your school… Kitty, kitty, purr. Whenever you do anything slay, then kitty, kitty, purr, boots down. And that’s exactly what it means. If you know, you know, and if you don’t, I’m sorry. You’re just not part of the game.

How frustrating was it to come so close to winning in so many competitions?

Oh my God, that is super, super, super frustrating. I feel like I was a perpetual second or third place in a lot of these games. You know, after each game, I just beat myself up over the smallest little things, like, ‘I wish I was faster. I wish I figured this out quicker.’ Things like that. But I think ultimately it really showed that I was a versatile player and that I was a really strong competitor. So I’m not too upset over it.

[Pop Crave asks…] Your goodbye messages this season were hilarious but savage. How serious were you about those, and do you plan on staying in touch with everyone once the season is over?

I’m not gonna to lie; there [are] a handful of people that I would love to stay in touch with. There’s some people… you know, wouldn’t so kitty kitty purr. But all my goodbye messages were sincere. They were a little goofy; they were a little savage. I think that just kind of describes me perfectly, like spicy but sweet.

What strategy of yours got you the furthest?

What strategy of mine got me the furthest? I think this is a really hard question because I think what really got me super far in the game [was] my social skills. But I think what also helped is that I had to switch up strategies a bunch of times. So, I guess, being flexible, being able to read people, and also just eventually learning how to trust my gut instinct is really what got me far in this game.

Courtesy of CBS

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