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The Beyhive is getting antsy for new content following the one-year anniversary of Beyoncé‘s “Homecoming” documentary on Netflix this past week, and they have good reason to be.


For those who may have forgot, Variety revealed in April 2019 that Beyoncé signed a $60 MILLION deal with Netflix for three projects including “Homecoming.”  It’s unclear what the next two projects will look like, but many have speculated they could focus on more concert material and/or behind-the-scenes footage of Beyoncé‘s life.


Now that a whole year has passed since the release of “Homecoming,” Beyoncé fans are sharing suspicions that a new documentary is on the way – specifically, a concert film on “The Formation World Tour.”







The Beyhive has good reason to believe a new Netflix project is coming as “The Formation World Tour” will celebrate its four-year anniversary on Monday, April 27th. Notably, Beyoncé dropped “Homecoming” almost exactly a year after her Coachella performance in April 2018.


BeyonceDailyNet, a news/fan account on Twitter, says it would make sense to drop the “Formation” tour on its four-year anniversary considering Beyoncé’s favorite number is also four.



One fan went so far as to create a fake Netflix promo poster for “The Formation World Tour” on Netflix.





Others think Beyoncé‘s next Netflix project could be a concert film on her joint tour with Jay-Z, “On The Run II.”






Aside from promoting her new activewear clothing line, Ivy Park, and making a last-minute appearance at the Golden Globes, Beyoncé has stayed pretty quiet this year. The singer most recently made surprise appearances on ABC’s “Disney Family Singalong” program as well as the Lady Gaga-curated concert, “One World: Together at Home.”





UPDATE (4/27/20)


Beyoncé’s choreographer, Jaquel Knight, confirms the existence of a “Formation: World Tour” DVD in a new clip shared by @BeyonceHiveNews:



Rumors that Beyoncé will drop a new Netflix project in the coming days are purely speculation, but at least we know for certain they’re in the works. Do you think Beyoncé will drop a new Netflix project anytime soon? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @PopCrave!