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Boys World are constantly finding ways to bring individuality and innovation to the Western girl group scene. Although supported by cosigns from major international artists and viral moments online, the five members are still trying to make their name known. It’s been a few years of nonstop hard work from the group, but it still feels fresh like it’s just the beginning of their journey. With endless potential, insane vocal ability, and style that any person would be envious of, it seems like Boys World is in a perfect package. It’s up to the world now to see the light.

Pop Crave‘s Lily Dabbs caught up with Boys World to chat about their new single “Caught In Your Love” before their appearance with fellow girl group Bella Dose in Los Angeles. 

Pop Crave: What are your favorite things about “Caught In Your Love”? It’s classic R&B girl group vibes. I feel like I heard and saw inspiration from groups like TLC, Little Mix, and Destiny’s Child especially. What did you all think about the track when you first heard it?

Lillian: Well, this is a track we were actually pitched like three years ago. We went in and recorded it and honestly didn’t really think much of it at the time. But then we were in a big meeting about “What’s our 2024 looking like?” And we were going through a bunch of songs that we had, just in our little folder of Boys World songs, and this one really stood out to us. We thought this really sounds like the big pop vocal moment that Boys World needs. And to start off 2024 like that, it’s really fitting.

Makhyli: The song has a lot of lore, definitely.

Queenie: We wanted something more happy, too.

Olivia: We had a “Mantrum”. We had that moment. So we’re like, Okay, we want to be in love.

What was the process for choosing “Caught in your Love” as the next single? Were there other runners up, or was it you guys saw that one in the archives and you were like, “This is it”?

Elana: We just really wanted to be in our pop bag this year. We’re a pop girl group, and yes, we dabble into other things. We love RnB, we love everything. But really, we’re just like, what is our sound like? What do we want our sound to be? And this just really paves the way for that for 2024. “Caught In Your Love”, and you’ll see what’s coming next. But just really pop, but make it Boys World. 

Olivia: Pop bag, like she said. 

Elana: Keep it in the pop bag!

What was it like filming the music video for “Caught In Your Love”? It’s very different from your other videos.

Makhyli: We were like in a desert. We had water. It was freezing cold there, as you can imagine. I feel like we really gave our all. It was like majestic-feeling. It felt really free. Everybody had their moments. We all filmed in different locations, too. So you got a little vibe from everybody. But it was good, no?

Olivia: We also filmed it on film, and we worked with Ali [Gavillet], who did “So What”. We love that team so much. Being able to work with her again was definitely something that we really wanted to do. Her energy on set is insane.

Makhyli: Unmatched.

Elana: I feel like there’s three things that stick out about this video in particular. The set because of the water, how beautiful it is. The styling, which is really important, and we chose red because we wanted to pop. And then the song. It’s just so powerful.

Makhyli: We have never all worn just one color, like a solid moment. Yes.

Elana: We’re serving lewks!

Queenie: Our vocals are giving. Like giiiivvvinnngggg. 

Tell us how it feels to be collaborating with Bella Dose. I mean, girl groups combining. What’s that like for you guys?

Olivia: That’s something we’ve always wanted to do. That’s what we talked about because…girls supporting girls. Always. That’s our message for sure. Bella Dose has always just been so nice to us. They have such big hearts and their energy is insane. Doing Pussycat Dolls with them is just like- Iconic. What else could we ask for?

Elana: We’ve never been with that many people, like nine girls on stage. That’s crazy.

Is the stage big enough?

Queenie: Girl, no. [laughs]

Lillian: We’ve been talking about doing something like this for so long. People ask us, “Oh, are you going to do a combined tour with other girl groups?” And that would be so cool one day. But this is just the beginning.

Makhyli: Yes. We’ve been rehearsing with them. We’ve been really getting to know them, too. They’re just the sweetest girls. No, sweetest women. 

After going on your own tour last year, what does the live part of Boys World look like for 2024?

Queenie: I mean, obviously, we’d want to go on tour, and I think we’d wait for a project to back that up. I mean, we’re working towards that every day. 

Makhyli: All the time!

Queenie: In the sessions, figuring it out and what our sound is, like we said. But right now, we don’t have a tour planned, but we have other performances actually happening this year. We actually have a performance this month that we haven’t talked about yet. [Note: this was Hollister’s “Feel Good Fest” in Phoenix, Arizona]

Lillian: And we just performed in China!

Makhyli: Yes. We did. That was huge. But we always love a Boys World live moment. It gives a different energy.

How were your experiences going to China and being on “Show It All”? Lay is a huge part of K-pop history and music groups in general. So what was that like, being in a little piece of that?

Makhyli: That was an honor.

Queenie: It didn’t even hit us until we were leaving. We were like, Oh, my God. What did we just do?

Elana: We are so thankful for the opportunity, for the show, for Mango TV. I feel like it made us be like, “Okay, we need to travel more abroad, go global!”. It was beautiful. All of the girls that we met, the trainees were amazing. 

Queenie: It was such an amazing experience.

Makhyli: Everyone was so sweet. Trying the food was so fun too. And to even be considered for the show. I was like, “What the heck?”

Olivia: They also run things very fast. 

Queenie: They’re very fast paced out there. They work hard. They get it done. 

Olivia: You have to be on your A-game the whole time. Which I like!

Makhyli: It was a good learning experience, too.

Lillian: The stage was the biggest we’ve performed on, and we had dancers too.

Elana: It was insane.

Out of all of Boys World’s songs, which one is the most electric to perform live?

Queenie: “So What” and “Something In The Water”.

Olivia: Or “Pina Colada”. 

Queenie: And “Pina Colada”. Those three.

Makhyli: All for different reasons.

Queenie: Yeah, they have different purposes, but they’re all the best energy, and everyone responds to them so well.

Makhyli: Yes. We love looking at the crowd, too, for the reaction.

Elana: Yeah. I guess we’ll see how people feel about “Caught In Your Love” tonight. [Note- the crowd loved it!]

If Boys World were to make a cameo in any television show, like a sitcom, versus the competition show you were just in, which one would you want it to be?

Elana: Selling Sunset. No, I’m kidding. I don’t know. I’ve never watched it. [laughs] 

Queenie: No, something in a villa. Or like Big Brother.

Olivia: Honestly, that’s true. Or our own show because that’s something that we’ve always wanted to do.

I mean, if you were on something like Gossip Girl or New Girl, which of these kinds of TV shows would you choose?

Olivia: I’m on New Girl. Or like, New Girl meets Gossip Girl. That’s where I’d be. In a penthouse in New York City.

Lillian: Every show.

Elana: Oh, my God. My dream is if we just did a whole Disney collab. If we were on Wizards of Waverly Place, Hannah Montana. So true.

Olivia: A Disney tour, just showing up everywhere.

Are there any styling concepts that you all enjoy that you haven’t really gotten to dive into as Boys World yet?

Elana: I mean, this is our first time wearing a solid color and really being cohesive, but still being individual and having our own styles.

Queenie: And it looks bomb! It looks damn good.

Elana: We love it. So maybe more of that in the future. But always, of course, we’re individuals, and that’s what makes us Boys World, is having our own style. So just really tapping into that, but still maybe matching color.

Olivia: I really want us to [do a photoshoot] where the styling is very eclectic. It would be crazy to see all of us in that space.

Check out Boys World’s new single “Caught In Your Love” and watch the new music video HERE.


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