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P1Harmony, the six-member group hailing from Seoul, has been patiently infiltrating their way into the hearts and minds of K-Pop fans across the US for some time now. They debuted in 2020 with their own film, kick-starting the creativity that they’d soon become known for. They have kept up with steady US appearances since right after debut, coming a few times a year to meet fans on their own concert tours and pull off sometimes random-feeling performances at conventions, festivals, holiday shows, and even Korean Heritage Night at Dodgers Stadium.

Their most recent tour ‘UTOPIA’ brought them to the Kia Forum in Inglewood, right outside of Los Angeles on June 16th, and the members were ecstatic to be there. Throughout the concert, member Keeho couldn’t contain his sentimentality as he recalled being “so nervous” for their appearance at iHeartRadio’s 2023 Jingle Ball concert at the same venue. “Will anyone even show up for us?” he remembered thinking.

Technically a sold-out show, P1Harmony joined several K-Pop groups performing at the famed venue and bringing a sizable crowd with them. They seemed equally surprised and thankful to have almost 8,000 fans joining them for such a huge night in their career. Across the world, P1H have started making their mark but the potential is endless. Their energy on stage was incredible – the songs “Killin’ It”, “Ayaya”, and “Black Hole” were definite highlights bangers-wise, with the more chill and relaxed energy during “B.F.F”, “Fall In Love Again” and “If You Call Me” all occupying a good breather moment for the crowd to catch their breath. The band continued to hold the audience’s attention and energy for the entirety of the show, with no wavering feeling in between.

This stop may have been the last for the ‘UTOPIA’ tour, but it won’t be the last in P1Harmony’s venture into the States, as they’ve already got more appearances on the books, including July’s Korean Culture Phenomenon KCON LA.

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