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In only three years, the K-pop boy group P1Harmony have risen through the ranks to become one of the most raved about newcomers of their generation. With their perfect balance of cutting-edge productions, zany personalities, and hyper-stylized music videos, P1Harmony have rapidly won over fans (known as P1eces) – and with a new single, “Fall In Love Again,” which was produced by the legendary C. “Tricky” Stewart, P1Harmony’s global popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Since debuting with the aptly titled DISHARMONY : STAND OUT mini album in October 2020, P1Harmony – Keeho, Theo, Jiung, Intak, Soul and Jongseob – have done exactly that: stand out. It’s been clear from the get-go that P1Harmony are a breath of fresh air who want to offer a refreshing new experience for audiences, immediately setting themselves apart from the crowd with the sci-fi cinema extravaganza, P1H: The Beginning of a New World, which marked P1Harmony as the first group to debut with a movie as opposed to a music release.

Across six mini albums split into a ‘Disharmony’ and ‘Harmony’ series, where they seek to understand the chaotic world around them in a search for peace and freedom, P1Harmony’s musical offerings have slowly but surely carved out a multi-layered universe for fans to dive into. Enriching their genre-fluid music with lyrical messages (usually written by the group’s members) ranging from resilience, hope, and endurance to more carefree themes like being selfless, enjoying life, and nurturing self-love, P1Harmony’s reputation has been elevated by their spectacular music videos, defined by sophisticated choreography and otherworldly cinematic backdrops. 

Ahead of P1Harmony returning to London to play the iconic OVO Arena as part of the KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON event, promoted by the leading K-pop touring agency MyMusicTaste, as well as their first headline European tour, P1Harmony were able to slot in a quick chat with Pop Crave about their latest mini album, HARMONY : ALL IN, as well as their thoughts on their individuality and the ongoing global ascension of K-pop. Keep reading for the full interview!

What can you tell us about the concept and inspiration behind your latest mini album, HARMONY : ALL IN?

JONGSEOB: Our album HARMONY : ALL IN’s concept is about P1Harmony that created the perfect harmony in a whole universe called the terrarium. It’s the last chapter in our harmony series, so it’s been in the making for a very long time. I personally imagined myself completing the last chapter of a series when writing the lyrics for this album.

P1Harmony often have highly conceptual artwork for album releases. What story does the artwork for HARMONY : ALL IN tell and how does it relate to the music of the album?

KEEHO: Since it is the last album in the harmony series, I think we wanted to portray harmony as much as we possibly could. We did that by using nature in the artwork. Nothing is as harmonious as nature and how it needs a solid system in order for it to thrive and grow. We also feel like this reflects P1Harmony as a team, how we work with each other and how we face problems and obstacles together. We clearly have grown a lot and learned a lot from various different experiences, and I think the music in this album shows that.

An English version for “JUMP” was also released. What do you enjoy the most about releasing English versions of your songs?

THEO: We thought our international fans would have a much better time singing along with us with the English lyrics!

What are your thoughts on the increasing global popularity of K-pop, and how does it make you feel to be involved in this global movement?

JIUNG: It’s really fascinating, and I am thankful for it. At times, we still get surprised on how much love we get from international fans. It’s an honor to be a K-pop artist and be able to make music for listeners around the world.

P1Harmony have developed a reputation for unpredictable and entertaining music videos. What do you think the key factors are to make a P1Harmony music video stand out?

INTAK: Freedom. I think the young, free energy that only P1Harmony can produce can be contained the most in music videos. I believe that is the strongest factor in engaging the audience.

How do you think P1Harmony has evolved as a group since your debut in 2020, and what do you think sets you apart from other groups?

SOUL: I feel like we are getting better at performing and growing as artists. When people watch us and think that “this group is something different,” I think that is what makes us unique.

P1Harmony have had lots of viral moments, including the iconic dance for “Do It Like This”; fans have also been loving Keeho’s humorous antics. Which viral P1Harmony moments are your favorites, and how does it make you feel to see fans continuously enjoying these moments?

JONGSEOB: I think it is the most recent fan meeting that we had. We had the chance to show our P1ece unexpected performances as a unit for the first time, and we also had performances that were throwbacks, so I feel like P1ece enjoyed them a lot! Thanks to the love and support that we receive from the fans, we always have happy concerns about what we could show them next.

P1Harmony will soon return to London to perform at the KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON event on November 8. How does it feel to be returning to London, and what do you hope to do differently this time?

KEEHO: We are so excited to be going back! We have grown so much as individuals and more importantly as a team, so we can’t wait to show our London P1eces how much we have improved as artists. We also have new songs to show, so this time around we are excited to show a new side of us they haven’t seen yet!

Can you give us a sneak peek into what fans can expect from your London performance and upcoming European tour?

THEO: We prepared a tracklist that defines P1Harmony. We hope you look forward to our energy, and we will double it and return all that energy that you gave us right back to you.

Can you give us any hints about what might be coming up next from P1Harmony and when fans can potentially expect a new album?

JIUNG: Although we can’t confirm when, we are always preparing for new things and brainstorming on how we can deliver better music and performances.

P1Harmony’s new song, “Fall In Love Again,” is out now.

Written by Hasan Beyaz.