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After a historically long 100-day season, CBS’s Big Brother will crown the winner of its landmark 25th season tomorrow night, with one of the final three houseguests—Bowie Jane, Jag Bains, or Matt Klotz—walking out of the house $750,000 richer. And although the ‘Mafia’ alliance members all possess resumes worthy of winning, it will be up to the jury of seven to decide who played Big Brother best this “summer.”

Longtime host Julie Chen Moonves chatted with Pop Crave prior to Thursday’s finale to discuss the final three houseguests, where she ranks BB25 among seasons, and more about the “big holiday surprise” teased on Sunday night’s episode.

Check out the full interview below!

Courtesy of CBS

Big Brother 25 is coming to an end after a record 100-day season. What have you enjoyed most about BB25, and where would you rank it among Big Brother seasons?

I’ve enjoyed watching how the gameplay this season was like a moving target. Allegiances between houseguests has moved around a lot. There were no clear-cut alliances that were rock-solid. This group seemed to understand this is ultimately a game of one against all others. I would rank it in the top 5 for that reason.

Bowie Jane is heading to finale night as the houseguest who has lasted the most days without touching the block in Big Brother history, a record previously held by Derrick Levasseur. What do you make of her breaking that record?

I would say there is a huge benefit to being a non-threatening housemate in the BB House. She wasn’t on the radar enough [for] anyone to be targeted. It’s nice to have big fish in the house that others want out. She also won three HoHs, and that helped keep her off the block, but yet the surviving nominees never came for her. Impressive.

Jag has the possibility of becoming the first evicted houseguest to return and win a U.S. season of Big Brother. How much do you think being saved by Matt’s superpower will affect his chances of winning?

I think the fact he has broken a record and won seven POVs will erase anyone holding it against him that his game was saved by Matt. He’s earned his standing in the BB House. He’s the POV GOAT!

Matt could become the first deaf winner in Big Brother history. How do you think his success in the game will open doors for future houseguests with disabilities?

I think it would encourage more people with disabilities to apply to be a houseguest. It shows all things are possible! Expect the unexpected!

Are there any BB25 houseguests you’d like to see get another shot at the $750K in a future season? 

Cameron. He appeared like an unstoppable comp beast and lasted for many weeks with no real allies working with him. Impressive!

You teased a “big holiday surprise in store” for fans during Sunday’s special live eviction. Without revealing too much, what can fans expect from this announcement, and what was your first reaction to the news?

You must tune in to the finale to find out! My reaction was, ‘Wow, this has been done before, but maybe it will become an annual holiday tradition!’

Courtesy of CBS

The 2-hour season finale of Big Brother airs this Thursday at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.