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Ally Brooke has gone through all of the evolutions that a pop star can experience. One-fifth of one of the most record-breaking girl groups of all time, she’s now shown that she can stand on her own as a solo artist. She’s teased the public with collaborations since day one, and she’s still committed to showing her abilities as an artist years later, reinventing herself for a new era and a new single release in 2023. Find out what Ally’s up to these days from our Q&A below!

After about a year or so out of the public eye, you’ve returned with “Gone to Bed.” How did you know that this single was the right one to come back with?

So, I’ve recently reunited with my former Fifth Harmony A&R, Joey Arbagey, who found all the Fifth Harmony hits – “Work from Home,” “Worth It,” etc. – and we got together, and at our initial meeting, he played “Gone to Bed” and I fell in love with it. I knew that it was mine, that it captivated exactly what I wanted to share in a record, how I wanted the record to sound, so that’s how I knew for sure.

You’ve been thriving with that collaboration with Joey, joining Snafu Records, and you’ve had a lot of collaborations in the past. Obviously, a big collaborative period of your life was with Fifth Harmony. What is something you’ve learned from the artists that you’ve worked with?

I’ve learned that a lot of these artists are just really down to earth. I feel like sometimes you may think, “Oh, will they be super interactive?” And they normally are. They’re really chill, really down to earth, and they really bring it for the records. But I love finding out that [everyone’s] so nice, you know, and learning from them.

What are your plans for returning to the stage? Do you have any performances in the works?

Yeah, so we’re booking some performances I’m so thrilled about, and I may have some other projects in the works too. I love to surprise my fans, so there’s a lot happening for sure. 

Before COVID and lockdowns ensued, you had just started your Time To Shine tour. Even though it was cut short, do you have any fond memories of that time when you were out promoting your songs?

Oh, yes! I loved my opening night in Chicago. It was such an amazing night. I had so many fans there. It was my first tour, and it was just riveting. I mean, completely riveting. And just seeing the fans’ reactions on that night was priceless. It was amazing.

What parts of yourself do you think have improved since the beginning of your journey as a solo artist?

I found my voice. I’m more opinionated and more strong. I’m more direct. I feel like I struggled with being direct even as recently as a year ago. Now, I found that inner strength to just say what is necessary and what I want, what I need in my career, and even just in my life.

What’s your favorite song that you’ve released so far?

I have to say “Gone to Bed.” Yeah, it’s a new era for me. I dyed my hair brunette, which the fans have been wanting since day one, and I finally gave it to them. I’m just so thrilled to be in such a new headspace. [It’s] a new era all around in my life and career.

After you wrap up promos for “Gone to Bed,” can we expect more music soon?

Oh, yes! 100%. I already have some records that I co-wrote. I have some demos that I’m already recording, and I may have another project in the works.

You’re known to be a huge fan of Christmas time, but as it’s October, Halloween is coming up! Do you have any plans to dress up this year, or are you saving all of your holiday energy for Christmas?

Yes! I want to dress up. I usually am last minute when it comes to dressing up for Halloween, so for now, I want to be different and I want to be ahead of that. So, I’m getting to plan my costume. 

Who or what inspires you lately?

My family and my friends. I would say my friends really inspire me. [Artistically], I love The Weeknd, I love Drake, I love Gaga. They are my musical inspirations, but I would just say my personal life really inspires me. Just being free.

Speaking of artists and things that you’re obsessed with, we are Pop Crave. So, what are your recent pop culture favorites?

I just watched The Reptile on Netflix with Justin Timberlake, and it was so good. I love that. And then [right now], I’m wearing an *NSYNC sweatshirt because I am so glad they’re back. That is so exciting. I feel like them, their new record, I’m totally just geeking out about that!

Ally Brooke’s new song, “Gone to Bed,” is out now.

Written by Lily Dabbs.