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The production team at Big Brother asked America a series of questions following her eviction, which were submitted by a collective of journalists covering the season. These questions were screened by CBS to prevent the possibility of influencing the jury, and this format will continue for the remainder of the season.

Check out the full exit interview below!

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Was getting into a showmance ever a part of your plan from the start?

I mean, I know me. So going into this, I knew that a showmance was gonna be a real possibility. I’m super flirty, and I love boys. So yeah, I kind of figured that I was gonna get into a showmance. Did I think it was gonna be Cory on the first day? Absolutely not. But it was such a great surprise. Yeah, I love Cory. After meeting everyone on the first day, Cory was probably the last guy I thought I was ever going to be the showmance with. Just because of like, age and him being a student, I didn’t think we would click so well. But I am so glad that we started talking on, like, day 12. We started talking late in the season, and I think things worked out. Everything’s great, right? I don’t know.

Cory, in the beginning, said he didn’t want a romantic relationship in the Big Brother house. But you seemed persistent in wanting to be more than friends. What did you see in him that his original boundaries didn’t deter you?

Oh, geez. Ah, yeah. I mean, Cory and I started off as allies and allies only, right? When he came to me with a final two, I had already developed a little crush on him. So I was like, ‘Okay, yay, final two, but are you gonna kiss me or not?’ Like, what’s the vibe here? We just clicked so well, and I love talking to him. In a house full of annoying, obnoxious people, he was like the one person that I didn’t feel overwhelmed with. I could just sit with him, and it was actually relaxing. I didn’t feel the pressure of the game and all of these different factors. Like, when I’m speaking to him, it was… I guess I was persistent, maybe just a little bit. And he told me that his boundaries were cuddling, and I was like, ‘Well, let’s see how true that is.’ It’s just something about him. I don’t know. You gotta meet Cory. He’s literally the funniest guy I have ever met. In a house full of really funny people, him being the funniest is like a big deal. He’s so funny. He’s so witty. He’s so intelligent. And I just knew that I had to get to know him more. And I wanted more. I don’t know.

How do you want fans to remember your game this season?

Okay. I want fans to remember my game this season, as I don’t know, hopefully not just someone that was being carried to the end. I know how annoying that is to watch. Especially when someone’s not winning competitions. They’re just going with the flow of things, or floating around and going to whoever’s in power. I’m really hoping that that’s not what the fans saw or perceived; I really was trying at the beginning to lay low. I know how this game works. I know that, you know, creating alliances and making all these big game moves at the beginning can cause you to have a big target on your back, and I really wanted to make it beyond the first few weeks. So yeah, I tried to be as strategic as I could be with what I had, right? So, like I said at the beginning, I was trying to lay low, and then, once we wrapped it up and we were like halfway through the season, I was just making it week by week, trying to maneuver as best as I could. It’s just so hard. I hope fans know that it’s hard. It is so difficult, week by week. There’s just so much pressure and so much stress. I hope I handled it. I thought I handled it well. I hope the fans saw that.

Please explain to us what was happening in the house in the moments before your eviction.

Oh my God, complete chaos right before my eviction. Everything was happening so fast. I had just been on the block next to Blue, so that felt like a whirlwind of emotions, right? She had just been sort of blindsided, and a double eviction… never easy. The first one wasn’t easy. And there were like 11 people in the house then. This one with with six people was even harder. Everything was happening so, so fast. When Bowie Jane won, I really thought I had a chance. I had been trying to get closer to her all week and try to be like her bestie in this game, but overall, I just couldn’t. I just couldn’t convince her to not put me up, and when she told me that I was going up next to Felicia, I told her, ‘Bowie, if you put me up, I’m going home. They’re going to evict me.’ They, talking about Matt and Jag because I knew what their plans were. Blue was out the door. I was definitely next on their list. I just couldn’t do anything. It was just heartbreaking. And I didn’t think that I was going to be that overwhelmed with, like, my emotions. I was just begging and pleading [with] Matt and Jag, like, ‘Please, please, I’ll keep you guys safe. I’ll do anything. Please keep me in,’ and Jag couldn’t even look at me. So I knew then that there was nothing I could do and that that was the end. That was the end for me.

Outside of your and Cory’s evictions, when were you most frustrated that you didn’t have the power to shift the game?

After me and Cory’s blindside, [I was] definitely the most frustrated last night during my eviction. I’m looking at Bowie, and I’m telling her, ‘Bowie do not put me up. I am gonna go home. They told me they want me to go home, like I heard that I’m next on the list. I’m next to go home, like, do not do this.’ It was so frustrating because I just couldn’t get through to her, no matter what. She has these like googoo gaga eyes for Matt and Jag, and she’s in this sort of trance that I just couldn’t pull her away from. At the end of the day, she’s just so deep with Matt and Jag that I just… I don’t know. I was like, ‘Bowie, come on, wake up. Play this game for yourself and not for them.’ She’s telling me, ‘Oh, I have to put you up. I made a promise to Cirie, and I can’t put the boys up,’ and I’m like, ‘Why can’t you put the boys up? They should go home!’ Bowie has been the swing vote all season; she’s been a deciding factor. She has been the biggest floater, but hey, it’s worked for her; it was just so frustrating that I wasn’t able to get her on my side.

Why do you think no one has taken a shot at Matt and Jag?

I think no one has taken the shot at Matt and Jag because no one but them have been able to win anything. Oh my God, they are huge comp beats. Not just in the physical comps but in the mental ones as well. Ugh! It is so frustrating, and these competitions are so much harder than they look. Like, trust me. I thought going in here that I was going to be some sort of comp beast, right? Like, I got the mental down; I got the physical; I can do it all. But no. I got there day one, and, oh my God, that balancing crash course was hard. I just don’t think anybody has taken a shot at them because they haven’t been able to, and the only other people who have won HoH since like Cam is Bowie Jane. And Bowie Jane is their little groupie who will never put them up [and] will never vote with them. So that’s that.

As a BB superfan, was this everything you thought it would be? Any surprises?

Oh my God, as a super fan, this has been more than I could have ever dreamed of. Every day I would wake up, even on the hard days, and I’d be like, ‘I cannot believe I’m in the Big Brother house.’ And I’d look at the cameras, look at the mirrors, hear the people in the walls, and I was like, ‘Oh my God, I’m actually here.’ Literally every single day, I would wake up and be just so grateful that I got to play this game [and] that I got to be in the house. As stressful as it is, it’s my dream, and it came true, and I cannot believe that. Any surprises? I mean, I’m surprised at how cold the house is. It is cold, like freezing. Like sweatpants, sweater, jacket on top of that. Bowie Jane was wearing her parka all summer long because it’s just so freezing in there. What else surprised me? I mean, the fluorescent lights are… it’s like you’re in a set and you feel like… I’m surprised at how easily you forget that there are cameras around, truly. Eventually it just becomes your home, and the last 86 days, that has just been my life, and I really didn’t think about, you know, how every move of mine was being watched until, like, I’m going into the storage room, and as soon as I want to go reach for the button to request for the storage room to open, it opens up for me, and I’m like, ‘Oh my God, they’re watching. I forgot.’ But it’s been such an incredible experience. I can’t believe that this happened to me. It literally feels so surreal to be back in real life. [Being] able to control my own light switch is weird. Looking in the mirror and knowing that there’s no camera behind it is so weird and trippy right now, but it was great. I loved it. It was an amazing experience.

How would you have played the game had you not met Cory?

Had I not met Cory, this game would have been 100 times harder. Cory was my rock in the game. Again, I was surrounded by so much chaos and stress. Cory was the person that I could actually sit down and just talk non-game to and just relax and be myself and not feel like I’m being manipulated, lied to, or being talked to just for the sake of game purposes. So if he wouldn’t have been there, oh my God, it would have been so much harder, but I definitely would have done it. I would have done my best. I’m so glad that Cory was there, though, to help me out. To help each other out. I hope that I was able to help him in this game as well, just as he helped me.

[Pop Crave asks…] How much of Jag and Matt’s success in the game do you credit to their competition wins versus strategy?

Well, first off, let’s start off with Jag wouldn’t even be in the game if it weren’t for Matt’s Path to Power win. Jag was a huge target from the beginning for really no reason… for winning Cockadoodle Zoom, I guess? But Jag was a target from the start. He wouldn’t have made it this far without Matt’s Path to Power win. I think Matt and Jag are still in the game—a little bit of both. But I mean, at this point in the game, it’s so late in the game; competition winds are everything, and they have just been dominating veto after veto. Jag, I think, has like seven wins: Two HoHs, five vetoes. That is insane. Matt has now three vetoes. They’re comp beats. And it’s—I mean, they’ve played it really well. And they made the right move [by] evicting Cory last week [and] evicting me this week because we were definitely going to come after them the second we got the chance. It’s been a bit of both, but they’re doing great. They’re great players, I guess I’ll admit.

Do you think Bowie Jane will regret nominating you?

Bowie Jane will regret nominating me if Matt and Jag tell her to regret nominating me. She’s their little puppy-dog fan girl. She doesn’t have any thoughts of her own. I am really salty about my eviction, obviously still. But, like, I mean, she’ll see when they turn their back on her and get her evicted that they aren’t who they say they are and they’re not loyal to her in the way that she thinks. I don’t know. She’ll see, because at the end of the day, I do think that Matt and Jag have a final four with Cirie and Felicia. I mean, it would be the smartest thing to do, right? For them to pair up with the other duo, who I’m sure in their eyes are weak competitors, and they can take on in the final four. So I’m sure that Bowie Jane is the next one on their list. We’ll see what happens.

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