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‘Survivor 44’ Exit Interview: Helen Li

‘Survivor 44’ continues this week with a predictable, yet fully entertaining hour of television. The remaining idol cages were opened and a new showmance was

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‘Survivor 44’ Exit Interview: Maddy Pomilla

If just one word could describe what we all witnessed at the inaugural tribal council of Survivor 44, it would be chaotic. An idol was

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‘Survivor 44’ Exit Interview: Bruce Perreault

The sanctity of our Wednesday nights has finally been restored with the season premiere of CBS’s ‘Survivor.’ Now in its 44th season, the reality television

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Gia Woods Interview

While she may have just released her debut EP, ‘CUT SEASON,’ Gia Woods has been hustling on the periphery of pop music for over five

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Review: Taylor Swift’s ‘folklore’ Ties Up Several Stunning Stories

In a surprise turn of events, Taylor Swift released her eighth studio album ‘folklore’ this past week. With a mix of sepia and black-and-white ‘reputation’


Kesha’s On Her “Nicolas Cage Sh*t” In New Song Teaser

Photo credit: JC OLIVERA/GETTY   Kesha‘s latest music teaser has left fans more confused than ever thanks to its not-so-subtle reference to actor Nicolas Cage.


Why Fans Think A Lady Gaga & Ariana Grande Collaboration Is Coming

Rumors are flying online that Lady Gaga has recruited fellow Italian pop star Ariana Grande for a new collaboration on her upcoming sixth LP, ‘Chromatica.’

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This Six-Year-Old Halsey Demo Is Making The Rounds Online

Proving once again that they’re better detectives than the FBI, Stan Twitter recently dug up an unreleased Halsey track titled “Honesty” that at first glance


Pop Crave Exclusive: Cher Lloyd Interview

Breaking onto the scene at age 16 on one of the most celebrated seasons of the British X Factor series (One Direction, Rebecca Ferguson), Cher