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Proving once again that they’re better detectives than the FBI, Stan Twitter recently dug up an unreleased Halsey track titled “Honesty” that at first glance appears to be a ‘Manic’ reject.


Running at 3 minutes and 32 seconds, this stripped down ballad feels like the younger sister to Halsey‘s smash hit, “Without Me.” Some fans like it so much that they’ve already called for the singer to release it on streaming platforms.




Despite the unofficial “Honesty” cover art appearing to be modeled after the ‘Manic’ era mood board, we can now confirm that this unreleased track was actually recorded long before the inception of her new album. Halsey revealed via Instagram today that the track is six years old, meaning it’s more likely that it was intended for her debut project, ‘Badlands.’




While it may not be a ‘Manic’ cut, “Honesty” feels like it could’ve fit nicely on the project in terms of its lyrical content. The track appears to explore the dark side of success with the following set of lyrics, among others: “all i wanted was to make some art, talk some shit/Didn’t really care about getting rich/now they make this hard/tryna make me quit/maybe for the thrill of it.”


On the track’s second verse, Halsey talks about homesickness amid what assume to be a rigid work schedule ahead of her debut album: “I‘ve been sleeping in a bed too big for me/Can’t remember what it’s like to get some sleep/ I’ve fallen victim to a homesick life/Got a cravin’ that I just can’t buy/God I wonder if I’ll ever make it right.”


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