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Despite the busy schedule and hardships for K-Pop idol groups, many young people still dream of living the life of a performer. The influx of new groups debuting every year is proof of that. POW is a new group that started the same way- 5 boys chasing their dreams to be singers. Brought together by GRID Entertainment and debuting last October with an EP album, POW is just getting started!

Pop Crave asked the members all of the important questions those just discovering the group should ask- check out our Q&A below!

Pop Crave: POW has just celebrated your 100th day since debut. Have you all learned anything unexpected about being a K-Pop idol since debuting?

Jungbin: I never realized the immense impact our fans would have on our motivation. I’m incredibly grateful, but I couldn’t have imagined just how much they can influence us every single day. It’s far beyond what I envisioned before our debut. Making music, enjoying my favorite meal, and staying active are all great sources of inspiration. But the drive I feel to repay our fans for their unwavering support and love is truly incomparable.

Dongyeon: It’s amazing to see the extent of the support and love we receive from so many fans.

Yorch: There’s a lot more to do than one may think. With endless content available today, we realized we have to bring unique energy of our own. Naturally, we strive to excel in everything we do, but I must admit it felt overwhelming. However, I’ve come to embrace and enjoy the diversity of content creation. 

Hong: There’s nothing I didn’t consider before. I spent a lot of time watching the content of idols before our debut, trying to learn about their lives because I aspired to become one. While there are challenges as expected, the joys surpass anything I could have imagined.

Hyunbin: It’s physically more demanding, yet far more emotionally exhilarating than I ever imagined.

PC: Only having five members, you all probably spend a lot of time together. What are some of each of your favorite things to do with the members?

Dongyeon: Lately, I’ve been enjoying our casual conversations a lot. Whether it’s sharing a meal or heading out somewhere together, I cherish our time together.

Yorch: I love our movie nights and gaming sessions. All five of us also love gaming, so we often watch gaming videos online together.

Jungbin: Our meals together are truly special to me. While shopping is also fun, I value our moments chatting, watching movies, and enjoying our meals together the most.

Hong: I love being active together, especially when we explore foodie spots. We take our eating adventures very seriously.

Hyunbin: Just having casual conversations and discussing our daily lives brings me joy.

PC: You all are presented online as an all-vocalist group with multiple other talents. How do you keep your talents refined with such a busy schedule?

Dongyeon: I make sure to regularly watch our previous practice videos to track our progress.

Yorch: I enjoy digging into my favorite music and sometimes try recreating its elements. I also take lessons. I work hard to improve my skills.

Jungbin: I prioritize spending time in the practice room whenever possible. Through our group activities, I learn our individual weaknesses, which I then discuss with our label. I maintain a consistent regimen of lessons and practice to refine my skills. 

Hong: Solo practice sessions are essential regardless of how busy our schedule gets. I consciously make an effort to carve out time to practice.

Hyunbin: I find myself singing wherever I am, regardless of the location.

PC: Which of POW’s songs are each of your favorites?

Dongyeon: Mine is “Amazing.”

Jungbin: I would say it’s “Favorite.” I often mention this, but I believe it best captures our team’s energy. Additionally, I feel a special connection to the song because it’s the one I’ve listened to and sung the most.  

Hong: I like “Amazing” the most. It truly showcases POW’s performance abilities. 

Hyunbin: “Favorite” holds a special place in my heart because it’s the song that introduced us to fans for the first time.  

Yorch: I like “Favorite” the most.

PC: Your new single “Valentine” has an easygoing, chill vibe to it until it picks up at the bridge, with a really fun group singalong. How did you all react when you first heard the track? 

Dongyeon: It has a different type of energy compared to our previous songs. It can spark wild imaginations on how the performance can turn out. 

Jungbin: I would describe it as having chocolate – sweet and thrilling. I think our members share the same sentiment.  

Hong: I thought I could have more fun with POWER with this track. 

Hyunbin: I loved the track from the beginning, especially with its catchy hook. 

Yorch: I really loved it. It’s the first song yet to have rap lines, and I found the melody very easy to sing along to. 

PC: Have you had any fun interactions with your fans, POWER, yet since your debut? 

Dongyeon: The fan signing event is still fresh on my mind. I started very nervous about meeting our fans face to face, but before I knew it, I was pumped with excitement. 

Jungbin: I’ll never forget hearing how our music energizes our fans at the end of their busy days. Messages like, “Listening to POW is recharging my batteries while I’m at work,” or “My day was rough until I came across POW,” strengthen me too. 

Hong: It was so funny when a fan jokingly asked me to marry her. I was only 19 at the time, and it was amusing to discuss tying the knot. 

Hyunbin: We once filmed a video where we cooked and sold red bean pastries. Numerous POWERs came to see us to chat. That day is filled with unforgettable memories.  

Yorch: I remember fans once asked me ‘Do you only think of us when you’re practicing?’ To which I responded, “Yes, and I practice 24 hours a day.”

PC: What’s the most interesting thing fans might not know about any of the members?

Dongyeon: Give me anything to fiddle with, and I’ll keep myself entertained for a bit.

Jungbin: So, I recently switched rooms. Now, I’ve got a new roommate! Hong and I are sharing, Hyunbin and Dongyeon bunk together, and Yorch is on his own. 

Hong: Yorch might seem intimidating at first, but he’s very clumsy, and Dongyeon is just an affectionate softie. 

Hyunbin: Believe it or not, I’m more calm and reserved than you think! 

Yorch: We’re all about those gaming videos.

PC: Do you all have the desire to meet more international fans soon?

Dongyeon: No doubt. There are still so many countries we haven’t visited yet, and we can’t wait to meet our fans there.

Jungbin: Of course! We recently performed in Germany and so many local fans sang along to our songs. It was such a thrilling experience, and we’re hoping for more opportunities to connect with fans around the world.

Hong: Definitely. I’m really eager to connect with fans from all corners of the globe!

Hyunbin: Absolutely, I can’t wait to meet our POWERs everywhere in the world.

Yorch: I really want to see them all. The time will come for sure.

PC: Who are some older artists that you get inspiration from? Do you have any role models?

Dongyeon: I really look up to Jungkook of BTS.

Jungbin: Jungkook of BTS and IU. I admire their relentless dedication and commitment to their goals, even after being active for many years.

Hong: J-Hope of BTS is my role model. I used to watch and learn from his dance moves when I was a trainee.

Hyunbin: Taeyang is my role model. He’s truly amazing and unmatched.

Yorch: Ten of NCT and BamBam of GOT7. I pursued my dreams while watching them. 

PC: What do you hope listeners feel when discovering your music?

Dongyeon: I hope for us to be associated with a distinctive and unique boy group. 

Jungbin: I hope we bring to mind an icy and refreshing beverage that clears your mind and energizes you from within. 

Hong: That we always spread great energy.  

Hyunbin: Our music is both relaxing and uplifting to listen to. 

Yorch: I hope our songs can be soundtracks to your everyday moments. 

PC: Do you all have any goals as a group for 2024?

Dongyeon: This is something I’d like to discuss further with our members. Personally, I aim to broaden my experiences, sharpen my own identity, and grow as an artist.

Jungbin: I hope to connect with even more fans this year and on larger stages this year. I also wish our music, and us as five artists will be recognized by listeners worldwide.

Hong: My goal is to reach #1 on the music charts in Korea!

Hyunbin: I’m eager to meet more POWERS!

Yorch: I aspire to receive the Best Song award.

PC: Out of all the content you have put out as a group so far, do you have any recommendations for those who might not know you yet to watch or listen to first?

Dongyeon: There’s a voice-call version of the tracks from our EP, “Favorite.” I urge everyone to take a listen. 

Jungbin: I want to give a shout-out to POW ON. And our song “Favorite.” POW ON is our original content where you can experience our daily lives off-stage and see our individual charms. “Favorite” encapsulates our group’s energy perfectly, so I hope you take a listen. 

Hong: POW’s “Slow Dancing.” Take a listen before you go to sleep. 

Hyunbin: Please take a listen to “Favorite!” It’s an instant mood booster. 

Yorch: I want everyone to listen to all of our tracks. They’ll bring you a chill experience. 

PC: Do you all, either as a group or individually, have any recent pop culture obsessions? This is Pop Crave, so we’re all about pop culture! Let us know what you’re into these days!

Dongyeon: Lately, I’ve been indulging in a lot of movies. While action used to be my go-to genre, I’ve found myself gravitating more towards romance nowadays.

Jungbin: I’ve always been a fan of Daniel Caesar, but recently I’ve been immersing myself in his music even more. His songs perfectly capture the mood and vibe I adore. “Always” is currently my favorite track by him.

Hong: Frank Ocean has been dominating my playlist lately. There’s something mysteriously exciting about his music that captivates me.

Hyunbin: My recent trip to Europe sparked a newfound interest in Harry Potter for me. I’m thinking of binge-watching it. 

Yorch: Lately, I’ve been jamming to a lot of pop music and revisiting classics like Michael Jackson.

Check out POW’s new single “Valentine”, out now on all platforms!

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