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After adopting two 18-year-old boys aging out the foster system in 2019, Sia revealed on Tuesday she’s welcomed yet another two members into her growing family.


In a new interview with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, the “Chandelier” singer announced she’s officially a grandma after the younger of her adopted sons had two babies:


‘My youngest son just had two babies,” Sia told Lowe. “I’m a f**king grandma! I’m just immediately horrified. No, I’m cool.”




Sia, whose two adopted sons are Black, also opened up to Lowe about the challenges of navigating the foster care system as well as what she’s learned amid the Black Lives Matter movement:


“I’m a little bit jaded now after investigating the foster system as much as I have in the last year,” Sia said. “It’s completely corrupt. It’s failing us. It’s a failing institution. They’ve been in 18 different locations in their 18 years.”


“I’m embarrassed that it took me to adopt two Black sons to really understand what they go through on a daily basis,” Sia continued through tears. “I’m embarrassed that they’re in bikini pictures up on the Daily Mail when this reality is happening, and it’s what we should be addressing more than anything else over any dumb movie I’m putting out or any song I’m putting out or any music I ever loved.”



Sia is gearing up to release her new musical film, ‘Music’ slated to hit theaters and IMAX screens August 22nd, 2020. Directed and co-written by Sia herself, the new project centers on an autistic teenager (Maddie Ziegler) and her sister/caretaker (Kate Hudson).


Stream Sia‘s newest single, “Together” from the upcoming film ‘Music’ below: