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The #LG6 era is finally upon us, but that doesn’t mean Little Monsters are ready to take off their detectives caps just yet.


Lady Gaga is stirring up speculation into the #LG6 album title after fans spotted the word “Chromatica” on the billboard for her lead single, “Stupid Love” dropping Friday, February 28th. The possible title can be seen both at the far right and bottom left corner of the artwork.




Little Monsters were quick to research the term and its correlation with Gaga‘s artistic trajectory over the past several years. Some of the most popular Stan Twitter theories at the moment relate to Gaga‘s Haus Labs beauty line, the singer’s tattoo of a musical scale as well as the video game “Bayonetta.”


Fans kicked off their investigation at the dictionary, pointing out the meaning behind Chromatica’s base words “chromatic” (music) and “chroma” (color):


  • Of, or relation to, or giving all the tones of the chromatic scale
  • Of or relating to color or color phenomena or sensations (relating to chroma)



Fans believe Gaga has been teasing the word “Chromatica” for months now, most notably with her tattoo of a musical scale she debuted on Valentine’s Day, 2019. The chromatic scale also consists of 12 semi-tones, stirring theories that #LG6 will be a concept album with 12 tracks that somehow reflect this musical term.







Fans are also taking a close look at the root word “chroma,” defined as a “quality of color combining hue and saturation.” The most obvious connection Gaga has with color is her Haus Labs makeup line, a strong enough starting point for more theories (*not confirmed by E! News*) that #LG6 will explore a wide spectrum of sounds in a way that mirrors the chroma scale.





It turns out Gaga has been teasing the chroma scale for longer than we’ve realized. In a December interview with YouTuber NikkiTutorials, Gaga said #LG6 will be as colorful as her beauty line:




It’s possible we’ll also see a promotional campaign for Haus Labs that ties directly into the #LG6 rollout. Gaga‘s new profile picture on social media looks oddly similar in its shape/texture to a makeup palette color, while the word “Chromatica” sounds like it’d fit in nicely as a brand product name.






Looking beyond the textbook definition, the “Chromatica” font style is drawing comparisons to the popular video game franchise, “Bayonetta.” This would make sense considering Gaga‘s public adoration for the series as well as the ongoing theories that #LG6 will have a video game theme/aesthetic.





“Chromatica” could be much more than an album title, though, as some speculate it’s actually the name of Gaga‘s new alter ego. This theory checks out considering the “Bayonetta” series is also named after its lead character. Don’t forget that Gaga has a history of inhabiting wild characters like Joe Calderone at the 2011 VMAs and Enigma in Vegas.





One of the most interesting theories comes from LadyGagaNow.Co user Edonis, who reports that “Chromatica” is the title of an Italian special effects studio. While it may be just a weird coincidence, we also know that Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta would never pass up an opportunity to represent her heritage.






Last but not least, the “Stupid Love” artwork features a mysterious piece of black-and-white artwork at its bottom left corner. A quick Google search of “Chromatica artwork” results in a handful of similar-looking paintings to the one found on the billboard:





There isn’t a clear reason yet as to why Gaga would incorporate these paintings into her #LG6 campaign, but we’re sure Little Monsters will somehow get to the bottom of it like they always do. Find more information on the paintings in the following links:


Chromatica” by Corinne Elizabeth Cowherd

Chromatica” by Swarez


What do you think “Chromatica” means? Could it actually be the #LG6 album title? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @PopCrave!