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Billie Eilish is calling an end to a series of pranks that pose danger to both her fans and the singer’s reputation.


Eilish took to Instagram Thursday night to address a series of photos in which a fan is seen publicly impersonating the megastar. In addition to rocking Eilish‘s signature style, this person took it an extra step by having men dressed as security guards flank her on both sides.





Eilish writes in the post: “Please stop doing this shit. it is not safe for you and it is mean to the people who don’t know any better you make me look bad.


As Eilish points out in her Instagram story, this prank is nothing new. A handful of  “social experiment” videos online show impersonators fooling hundreds of unsuspecting people into believing they’re Eilish in the flesh, going so far as to even take photos with mobs of fans. Not only are fans endangering themselves by encouraging mobs to chase them with no real security, Eilish argues, but they’re also putting her reputation at risk.




While Eilish has already addressed the trend, her recent Instagram story marks the first time she’s flat out called an end to the stunt online. Back in December, Eilish lightheartedly called out a fan in Moscow who was attempting to pull a similar stunt:



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