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Pop Crave spoke with the sixth evicted houseguest of Big Brother 25, Jared Fields, following his elimination on Thursday night’s episode.

Check out the full exit interview below!

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Fans are expecting you to dismiss their concerns about several problematic comments you’ve made in the house. Once you return to social media, are you open to hearing them out and taking accountability for your actions?

I’m fully open [to it]. I’m really apologetic about a lot of things that I’ve probably said in the house—not probably—that I did say in the house that rubbed people the wrong way. I really want people to know that’s not who I am, and moving forward, there’s just no space for that in my everyday life. I’m completely open and willing to hearing everybody’s point of view and perspective on that and improving myself as a person every day.

You kissed Blue publicly for the first time on your way out of the house after not really giving a firm answer on whether or not you would explore a relationship with her. Would you say that kiss was a step towards something official?

Yeah, it was one of those things for her […] She gave me a ring as one of those bonded things for us on the outside of here. I think [it was] the best thing that I could have did in return for her to let her know that I’m not going to just leave the house and forget about everything that we built. [It] was pretty much the best I could offer—that kiss.

Continuing with Blue, you were both close but still played very separate games, with her not being clued into some of your most integral alliances. In hindsight, do you wish you would have been more transparent with her to avoid any of the later mistrust in your relationship?

Yeah […] It’s a lot of days in that house and a lot of time, and certain information I felt like may have not been as important clearly was for her. In hindsight, I do wish that I let her know about these things way earlier on, because she felt slighted when she found out about things that I hadn’t told her. And we were really open with each other pretty much from the moment we started to really move into this whole relationship, showmance aspect of our relationship in the house. So I do feel, looking back on things, it was just like, ‘Damn, I wish I told you every single thing that I knew.’ But like I said, with having conversations, even with my mom, it was like certain things you forget in the house because there’s just so much going on at that moment. And you don’t have that many opportunities to really just go full-blown and say, ‘Hey, this is exactly what’s going on.’ It was still a matter of building trust with Blue, too, at the time, so I definitely do regret not letting her in on more things.

Of the alliance of you, Izzy, and Cirie, I think it’s interesting that the house managed to get you and Izzy out of the game before Cirie, knowing her status as a Survivor legend. Did you expect things to turn out this way?

Ah, expected, not really. But I guess in this game, you really have to expect the unexpected. But no, I knew that pretty much early on in his house, people were really afraid of the competitors of the house, and I happen to be one of those people. Cameron did a pretty good job at painting Izzy as a great competitor. Although she didn’t win anything at that time, he did a really good job at painting the picture of her being a problem moving forward. And like I said, people wanted to execute that move. I think more than anything, people wanted to start to break up the whole me, Izzy, and Cirie thing that they were seeing [and] not too sure about, but what they felt was a thing. And I wasn’t surprised that after that whole blowup, I was next on the list.

Are you surprised to have gotten figured out as a duo with Cirie in a way you probably didn’t expect going in?

I’m pretty sure we were able to play it off pretty good to where people didn’t expect us to be mother and son. A lot of people expected me to be Mama Felicia’s son more than they expected me to be Cirie’s son, which was always funny to me. But after the whole Izzy debacle went down, I think people started to associate me closer with her than I actually was trying to show. People automatically knew that me and Izzy were really close, but people also knew that Cirie and Izzy were pretty close. So the moment Izzy left, I think people just clicked us together and was like, ‘Hey, he’s going to be with her because they both had a common interest in Izzy,’ and I think that was probably the start of a downward trend for my game.

Do you think having your mom in the game hindered you in any way?

Oh, not much. I think it was kind of 50/50 for me. I mean, obviously, moving into this house, no one had that relationship with somebody else that they knew they could trust 100%, regardless of what was said or what was done. But to the contrary of that, we were obviously put on very different sides of the house; she was with the social aspect of the house, [and] I was with the competitive side of the house. And at every point and at every turn, if somebody was to mention her name, I knew that I would have to go out there and fight to kind of protect it. So it did make it a little bit harder playing this game for someone else and not just myself. Even as far as the Izzy vote went, if I didn’t have my mom and I didn’t have that promise with Izzy, I don’t think me and the whole Cory blow-up would have ever happened because I would’ve never pushed for Izzy to stay. But like I said, I made a promise to both of them that I was going to do whatever I could to keep them as long as possible, and I tried to stay true to that to the end.

You both made some good strides in your relationship with Cameron this past week, but with him winning yet another competition, his threat level is only growing. How much longer do you think she should keep him in the game?

I think as long as possible. I mean, in this game, you gotta keep targets that’s bigger than yourselves, and Cameron is definitely going to be one of those regardless. But beyond that, Cameron is somebody who clearly has proven that he can win competitions here, and as long as you’re in his good graces, you can expect to be good under a Cameron HoH. You know what I mean? And you can expect the Cameron HoH as long as he can play. So I think she should try her best to appear as much as she can with Cameron. She can see that for herself, and I know she has her own gut feeling about Cameron, whether she can trust him or not. But I think Cameron is definitely a good ally for her moving forward.

Izzy was evicted a few weeks back… How soon do you plan on reconnecting with her?

Oh, as soon as I touch back down home, man, I’m about to go see my girl, Izzer Izzy. I miss her so much.

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