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Is this Swiftie entitled to financial compensation?

Let’s turn our attention away from the Travis Kelce of it all and focus on the real star of the Sunday NFL Chief’s game: “Seemingly Ranch.”

What started as an innocent observation has sent the internet into a seemingly endless void of ranch content. At 6:41 PM on Sunday, Swiftie fan page @TheErasTour posted a picture of Taylor Swift and a fan in the Chief’s private NFL suite with the following caption:

The tweet spread like wildfire, amassing over 30 MILLION impressions and grabbing the attention of major TV networks, Vogue, the NFL, and even the Empire State Building. The viral moment has strangely manifested into a real business opportunity, too, as companies like Heinz, Hidden Valley, Primal Kitchen, McDonalds and other members of Big Ranch swiftly adopted the phrase to promote their products. Most notable of products include the Heinz and Primal Valley “Seemingly Ranch” bottle lines, the latter of which comes with Eras Tour-inspired bracelets.

The “Seemingly Ranch” movement is good, light fun, but how is anyone supposed to ignore the clear Big Ranch co-opting of this viral Stan Twitter moment? It all begs the question: Is anyone gonna cut this Swiftie a check?

The user behind @TSwiftErasTour agreed to talk with Pop Crave about the mega viral tweet, and how they feel about other making a profit off their words.

How long have you been a Swiftie, what inspired you to start a fan page?

I’ve ben a Swiftie for almost 10 years, and honestly listening to her music is the best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve always loved interacting with fellow Swifties and just theorizing, solving Easter eggs and freaking out together!

The day she announced The Eras Tour, I took it as an opportunity to start an update account so that I could interact with Swifts while updating on possibly my favorite human being ever. I honestly did not expect this account to grow as huge as it did but I wouldn’t give it up for anything I’ve loved every second of it and Swifts are truly the sweetest people ever to one another especially [heart emoji].

Were you planning to watch the football game that day, or did you tune in for Taylor specifically?

I woke up that morning with my notifications blowing up more than usual and saw that she had attended. There were so many Swifties tagging me and DM’ing me to wake up to see my reaction to it all. I would say my account is a rather informal take on an “update account” in the sense that I love giving my own opinion and reactions and my followers seem to love that as well!

I honestly was really happy waking up that morning and seeing pictures and videos of it all and immediately began updating. Taylor Swift is the only person capable of making me watch football.

What was your first reaction to seeing Taylor show up at the game?

I honestly was just really happy about it tall. She looked so happy cheering him on and interacting with his mother. She was posing for photos from up in the VIP box and she looked stunning (as usual). I did hear about the whole Travis thing from the previous eras tour show he attended but did not expect all for her to actually take him up on his offer to go to the game! I’m just so happy for her and just love seeing her this happy!

What was going through your head when you saw that plate of chicken

By the time I had woken up, the “seemingly ranch” picture was already floating around with all the other videos and pictures and I just thought it would be funny to caption it with something completely random in the image instead of “Taylor Swift with a fan” like everyone else was talking about.

Did I think it would blow up to this extent? DEFINITELY not.

How do you feel about it going mega viral? It’s being talked about on major TV networks.

Ever since it blew up, I wake up every morning just expecting it to die down like every other Swiftie meme within our fandom, but it just kept getting bigger and more insane each day. From companies, to viral tweets, the Empire State Building, Vogue, new outlets…I was just genuinely in shock at the extent of how big it got and how big it keeps getting honestly.

Heinz released a “Seemingly Ranch” special edition bottle. What are your thoughts on that?

It’s a smart business move and props to them for catching on really quick. They haven’t reached out to me regarding anything and I’m not sure if they will. I have plenty of people telling me to trademark the term or “coin” it. I was never in it for the money but I don’t know how I would feel seeing others profiting off it and completely cutting me out.

There are companies who have DM’d me and chatted with me a bit, and even offered to send me some items which I’m really excited about. Honestly, I would be happy just getting a bottle of this “Seemingly Ranch” from Heinz but it’s up to them really.

News just broke that Primal Kitchen is also coming out with a “Seemingly Ranch” bottle

Primal Kitchen actually just reached out to me and offered to send me a kit and I can’t wait to get those friendship bracelets honestly!

Has anyone reached out to you for some sort of mercy deal? Do you think you should be compensated?

I haven’t been reached out regarding a “deal,” but I have been reached out to by multiple news outlets for interviews which I have unfortunately had to decline some, just cause I don’t think I’m really ready to put myself out there quite yet. There have also been some companies who have reached out.

My favorite so far that has reached out is Hidden Valley. I’m not from the US so I’m genuinely not too familiar with ranch in general but them reaching out and offering to send me items was really nice. They even thanked me for “making ranch cool again” and that was just really funny and nice to hear especially coming from them.

Have you seen people giving you credit?

Originally, people did give credit.As it got bigger I just feel like maybe I’m seemingly being cut out of a little but I don’t look into that too much.

Do you think Taylor knows about the meme?

I have been thinking about this NON STOP for days. I’m not even sure if I hope she knows about it or not. I’m scared about what she thinks about it, if she even finds it funny.

It was never meant to blow up to this proportion but if she ever does acknowledge in any way or form I would absolutely FREAK out. She is honestly the only person who’s opinion matters to me regarding this whole thing.

Imagine if she buys a bottle of “Seemingly Ranch”

I don’t think Taylor would buy “Seemingly Ranch” on her own, but I do think these companies will find a way to send her a few packages which will hopefully give her a good laugh.

Do you like ranch?

I have never tried ranch in my entire life.

What is your favorite Taylor Swift album?

‘Evermore,’ with ‘reputation’ at a close second. Even if Taylor hates her, ‘evermore’ will always be my fave. The memories I have of that album release just bring me back to such a simpler, happier time in my life, and the whole album release was honestly one of the best days of my life. I’m seeing her in March next year and really hope she performs “long story short” as one of the surprise songs for my show!