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At just 12 years old, Jaidyn Triplett has already accomplished more than most people could ever imagine.

As a multi-faceted triple threat with skillsets in acting, music, and baking, there is almost nothing Triplett can’t do. Her diligence, strong work ethic, and immense talent matches that of someone who’s been in the industry for decades.

While her music career is still in its beginning stages, Triplett has certainly started things off with a bang. Her two debut singles, “BOPSTAR” and “TORNADO,” are massive indicators of pop star potential. Gaining inspiration from artists like Olivia Rodrigo and Sabrina Carpenter, she tells Pop Crave, both tracks are extremely fun, vibrant, and carry relatable messages for kids her age.

Although her hit show, the iCarly reboot, was just announced as canceled, that will not be slowing Triplett down in the slightest. Not only does she have new music on the horizon, but she’ll be starring in a new horror film, Hauntology, set to debut next year. Aside from acting and singing, Triplett also plans to turn up the heat on her entrepreneurial dreams of opening up a small baking business.

Pop Crave chatted with Jaidyn Triplett about her new single, “TORNADO,” her upcoming plans for music, and her pursuit to run a small baking business. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Jaidyn, thank you so much for chatting with me today! I’m so excited to talk with you. How has 2023 been treating you so far?

Really well! I’ve released two singles this year, which has been a dream come true for me because I’ve been looking into music for so long. I’ve been baking a lot more, hanging out with friends and family, and it’s just been a really comfortable year.

Yeah, I read that you love to bake! What do you love to bake the most?

Yeah, so cheesecake is actually my specialty! I make gourmet cheesecakes, and I sell them to friends and family and stuff. I’ve been doing apple pies and stuff recently too.

Your new song, “TORNADO,” dropped just a few weeks ago. For those who haven’t heard it yet, how would you describe the track and what it personally means to you?

I think for me, growing up in the industry, I’ve been longing to live that teenager life, being able to go out with my friends, and do stuff like that. In the music video, you also get to see my parents be like, “Clean your room! Be responsible!” It’s always that tug of war with wanting your parents to be proud of you and to have fun. I think that’s a really relatable music video and song for kids my age.

Do you have a favorite lyric from “TORNADO”?

Good question! Um… Let’s see… Probably “tired of being locked up in a box.” I think that’s probably the most relatable to me. I think it’s not always wanting to do school, not always wanting to do this, and being able to go out and party and stuff like that. I think that’s a really relatable one [laughs].

You also released a music video for “TORNADO.” How did the visual concept for the song come about?

Me, my dad, and Prime Cut, they directed all four of the music videos – two more will be coming out later. We all just kind of got together and came up with this idea of a house party, and I actually snuck out of my actual bedroom. In the music video, that’s my actual bedroom! My bedroom is on the second story, and they had to take the screen out of the window. I was so nervous because all I had to do was put my foot out of the window, but it was so nerve wracking! I was like, “Bro, what if I fall?”

The idea was really fun because I got to invite a lot of my friends to my house. It was lights, balloons, and it was just so much fun!

What was your favorite scene to shoot in the “TORNADO” music video?

I think one of my favorites is all five of us, we were walking down the street in the music video. We’re all in this V-formation, and we all have a thing that we do: pop the collar, glasses, something like that. I think that was so iconic [laughs].

Terekah Najuwan

Your debut single, “BOPSTAR,” is also so much fun! What was it like getting to introduce yourself into the world of music with that song?

Yeah, I think I wanted to come out with a boom! [I wanted] one that was really, really fun, and something that will get stuck in your head. I initially got into music because my dad has been into music for pretty much most of his life. Growing up, I was just always around him working on his passion projects and doing the things that he loved surrounding music. And I knew that acting wasn’t the only thing that I loved, and it wasn’t the only thing that I wanted to do for the rest of my life. I think that music and baking really introduced me to something new, but singing and music is definitely one of my favorite things to do right now. It’s so much fun being in the studio and having that creative control over most of the songs. I can be like, “Hmm, I like this better,” or something like that. It’s really cool.

Who are some music artists currently inspiring you right now?

Probably Tate McRae, Sabrina Carpenter, and Olivia Rodrigo for sure. That new album, GUTS, was iconic! emails i can’t send, that entire album by Sabrina was amazing as well. I think all three of them really just spoke to me with their music, their tone, and the things that they sing about. It’s just really cool.

Do you have a favorite song from GUTS?

That’s a good question! Probably “making the bed” or “ballad of a homeschooled girl.” I think those two.

If you were to ever go on tour, where’s one place you’d love to visit?

Probably Japan! I love the culture, and I love everything about Japan. I’ve always wanted to go there.

I’m trying to think… I would love to perform in Puerto Rico because I am half Puerto Rican as well. I think being able to go there on the island and have a show there would be amazing!

At just 12 years old, you’ve accomplished so many amazing things! What’s one goal you have for yourself that you’d like to accomplish within the next few years?

I think I’ve always really wanted to make my baking business into something more. Right now, it’s mainly for friends and family. It’s the people that are closest to me and that I can reach out to, like, “Hey, do you want an apple pie or cookies?” But I’ve always wanted to make it into an actual small business to where it’s open for others, and I’m able to ship the cakes and everything to everyone.

To continue with music as well. I have my next single coming out next month. It’s called “Gone with the Wind.” That is probably one of my favorites coming out. It is definitely slower than my other songs, but it means so much to me. It just has a lot to do with mental health and everything like that, and that is something that I love to speak about and something that I talk about a lot. 

Yeah, just more music, more baking, and just getting to boost my baking business a little bit more.

What can you tease to fans about what they can expect from you in the near future?

“Gone with the Wind” will be coming out sometime next month [October]. I’ll keep that a secret for a little while [laughs]. It is definitely something to anticipate, because it is an amazing song! And there’s many more to come.

Next year, since Halloween is coming up, I thought I’d mention I filmed a feature film called Hauntology. It is a horror movie, and it was so much fun! I am a scary movie lover. The entire Scream franchise is my favorite ever. I want to see [the new] Saw too. Next year, it will be in film festivals in 2024. That’s gonna be really exciting as well!

I’m hoping you don’t die in the movie. We want you to be the final girl!

I know! Fingers crossed!

Terekah Najuwan

Jaidyn Triplett’s new song, “TORNADO,” is out now.