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Exclusive: Q&A with AleXa

An expert at bridging the gap normally thought to be between artists and their fans, AleXa has become known as a voice of reason and

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Emily Mei Interview

Emily Mei is a multi-hyphenate, ambitious artist with big dreams. After growing her following through social media, the self-made entrepreneur has released a couple of

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Pop Crave Exclusive: KARD Interview

KARD – made up of members Somin, BM, J.Seph, and Jiwoo – is the most influential and popular co-ed group in K-Pop today, with experimental

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Maude Latour Interview

With incredibly relatable lyricism, uniquely innovative pop melodies, and a voice reminiscent of our favorite alt-pop singers from the past and present, Maude Latour deserves

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Exclusive Clip: Trial by Fire Challenge in New Episode of ‘MasterChef’

In the seventh episode of Season 13, the remaining chefs on MasterChef: United Tastes of America face their first team challenge when they’re paired with

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Pop Crave Exclusive: 8TURN Interview

At the beginning of this year, 8TURN joined the list of never-ending new K-pop groups, all trying to make their mark on their listeners. Coming

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Ginger Minj Interview

Ginger Minj is an icon within the drag community, and the work she’s doing this year only continues to cement her status as one of

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Leah Kate Interview

Pop-rock perfection has arrived to all streaming platforms with Leah Kate’s new single, “Super Over,” which is the ultimate banger for anyone going through a

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Meet the Stars of Max’s New Dating Series, ‘Swiping America’

Four New Yorkers travel across the United States to find romance, but will their dreams for true love come to fruition? Or will they end

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Pop Crave Exclusive: Loreen Interview

Representing Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen came swinging with her gorgeously melodic and hard-hitting track, “Tattoo.” Now, the song has become a