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With incredibly relatable lyricism, uniquely innovative pop melodies, and a voice reminiscent of our favorite alt-pop singers from the past and present, Maude Latour deserves to be a shining star within today’s new era of music.

The 23-year-old singer-songwriter is well beyond her years, with lots of life experiences to account for her high level of artistry. Latour grew up in London, Hong Kong, and Sweden before finding herself in New York City, crafting a music career for herself while simultaneously pursuing Ivy League studies.

Described as the “philosophical pop princess,” Latour has had many singles worthy of being a Top 10 hit. Her latest EP, Twin Flame, perfectly encapsulates Latour’s glittery persona and powerful, poignant songwriting skills. Each song feels extremely personal to Latour, yet every track finds a way to seep its story into the heart of the listener.

On the weekend of August 5-6, Latour will be taking over the city of San Diego with an hour-long set at Bleached Fest! Located right next to the beach at Waterfront Park, Latour is part of a phenomenal debut lineup that includes performers like PinkPantheress, Omar Apollo, Ethel Cain, Lizzy McAlpine, Remi Wolf, Caroline Polachek, and more.

Pop Crave chatted with Maude Latour about her new EP, Twin Flame, and what fans can expect from her upcoming performance at Bleached Fest in San Diego. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Maude! Thank you so much for chatting with me today. I’ve been following your musical journey for a long time, so this is super cool for me. I wanted to start off by talking about your new EP, Twin Flame, which is such a great project! For those who haven’t heard the EP yet, how would you describe Twin Flame both musically and thematically?

It is definitely the real time recorded journey of the first few moments of falling in love in a relationship, and it’s just the honeymoon era of a crush… It’s a shimmering, summery pink flush. It’s a little universe of explosions of unbridled emotion!

My current obsession is that acoustic version you did of “Lovebomb” a few weeks ago. I can’t get over it. How did writing that song in particular come about?

That one was a weird one. It was the first song that I actively wrote for the project, and I hadn’t been able to put my feelings into words for a month. I was like, “Why can’t I write a song about this?” If I’m having all these feelings, usually that would make a song come so easily. Me and this producer, Brandon Shoop, were finishing “Living It.” I was in the vocal booth and he was in the studio, and suddenly he just played these chords. We improvised an 11-minute straight version of everything that’s in “Lovebomb.” We were on Instagram Live when we did it, so there were like 10 people watching [laughs]. It was just a 12-minute chunk of repeating the “love bombing, clothes dropping,” and other things that made it crazy and weird. Six months later, we chopped it down to be “Lovebomb.”

How would you describe the way your artistry has changed and evolved since the release of your initial EP, Starsick?

Great question! Wow. I need to think about that for a second [laughs]… The beginning with “Superfruit,” that was just that initial explosion. I think it was the most pure version – almost the end of my childhood and a utopia of what I wanted music to mean and be. Some of the bigger philosophies of my whole project are embedded into that first EP. Like, “I’m so sick of small talk,” this colorful world, the “Ride My Bike” monologue, and this utopia. I was painting an ideal world in my music, and I think I was singing about the end of my childhood: “I have this dream of how we could run the world! Let’s have a revolution, baby!” It kind of captures who I was as a child and teen spirit.

Now, I think that feelings get more complicated, and the world is more complicated. I find myself in moments where I can’t tell if I feel one thing or another. There are more contradictions and interpersonal weirdness. There are new things to sing about, and I think I’m trying to sing about new things to try to not just recreate that over and over again. I want to include feelings that I feel only at my current age, 23.

Throughout the past few years, you’ve released a lot of music videos. Which video would you say was your favorite to film, and which video would you say you’re the most proud of?

My favorite to film… Oh man, that’s tough! Some of the more DIY ones are my favorite ones that I’ve filmed. For example, the “One More Weekend” video! That one take across the campus, that was deep pandemic. It was me and my friend, Lola, and we just sprinted across. It was so magical! It felt like this medium was just between me and her as we were moving, and it was the physical embodiment of the song which was so cool. Also, I think the best memories are around the “Superfruit” music video. That OG , I was a freshman on campus! I was causing a ruckus in the library. And then maybe “Furniture” also. It was so DIY. I planned every single shot and what had to happen, and me and my friend, Fergus [Campbell], made it together. He killed it.

Looking into the near future, you’ll be performing in San Diego at Bleached Fest very soon! How thrilled are you to be performing there next month?

Ooh, I’m really excited! I’ve got my outfit picked out, and the lineup is amazing! I’ve never been to San Diego, so I’m so excited to be at a beach town. Let’s go! I’m so excited. I’m gonna sing all the new music, which is gonna be so fun, and I have an hour long set! I get to sing everything. It’s gonna be great.

Is there anything you can tease about your set list for Bleached Fest?

Definitely the Twin Flame universe will be paid homage to for sure!

Looking at the Bleached Fest lineup, are there any artists you’re really excited to meet up with or watch perform?

Well, obviously Ethel Cain! I can’t wait to see her in person. I’ve only watched her over the digital sphere. Remi Wolf is the day before me, so I might miss her, but I’m so obsessed! I might try to go to see her, but oh my god, she is amazing! Who else is on my day? Caroline Polachek? I’ve seen her a bunch of times, but yeah! Lizzy McAlpine, we’re homies, so we’ll hang!

Aside from San Diego, of course, is there a city that you’d say you’ve had the most fun performing in?

There’s definitely been some standout destinations. Some places I wouldn’t expect but have been incredible shows… Salt Lake City was randomly one of the most amazing shows ever, San Francisco’s so fun, and Boston is consistently the most wild show ever. I think it’s ‘cause there’s so many colleges around there, so people are just ready to go! Nashville has been really fun as well. There’s so many amazing places… Chicago, oh my gosh! Chicago!

Like most artists today, TikTok has played a huge role in exposing your music to so many new fans and listeners. What would you say are some of the biggest pros and cons of being a music artist during the age of TikTok and social media?

Yeah, I’m still reevaluating my relationship with the social medias right now. I want to get into a better place, because I feel like I suddenly act so crazy on TikTok as soon as the record button starts [laughs]! Like, “That’s not me! Who is that?”

The pros are definitely when it works, when you get to find the people who are meant to see your fucking video. I’ve wasted hours every day on that app, but I have so many funny things… You can meet a lot of engaged people and talk to people who really love your stuff, and people are so funny in the comments. They know me so well, and they deal through my cringiness. They’re like, “You’re so weird,” and it’s cute!

The cons are just the screen time, and I guess it’s disheartening to make things that you’re proud of, and then you watch the numbers be so shitty. It’s not the type of instant feedback. Even when I was first growing this project in 2019 and 2018, it was on Instagram and very one person at a time. It was about comments and loyal people who stuck around. It was so much more gradual. Introducing the viral concept kind of messes with your dopamine, your head, and your goals… We need to all take a break from our phones. It needs to end. We’re close. I feel like I’m close to buying a flip phone.

Final question. Is there anything you can tell Pop Crave about what fans can expect from Maude Latour for the rest of 2023?

Ooh, for the rest of 2023? I don’t even know what’s going to happen for the rest of 2023! Definitely tour. Come to tour. It’s gonna be so fun! It’s gonna be great! That’s my main agenda, but I’ve been working on more music and working on the next world. I’m trying to give it everything. It’s gonna take all the time in the world, but when it’s ready, I can’t wait!

Maude Latour’s new EP, Twin Flame, is out now.

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Article cover taken by Anna Koblish.