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Fans are bracing themselves for a new Lady Gaga era announcement any day now after #LG6 producer BloodPop shared that he’s “finishing/mixing” a mystery project on social media. But if the past three years have taught us anything, it’s that nothing makes BloodPop happier than trolling Gaga stans online.




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Finishing / mixing ????⭐️?? ? ???????????

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While the general public would have you believe the lead up to #LG6 began with Gaga‘s infamous “pregnant with #LG6” tweet in March of 2019, rumors around the project’s existence actually date back to the tail end of the ‘Joanne’ era in 2017. Stan Twitter’s collective anxiety over the project’s release is due in large part to BloodPop, an #LG6 producer whose near constant teases and troll comments have fostered a nightmarish purgatory online for the Little Monsters. From “liking” comments that indicate #LG6 is “dropping soon” to sharing countless studio pics for three years running, the fandom’s love-hate relationship with BloodPop‘s easter eggs has become a running joke at this point.


And while BloodPop‘s history has taught us to guard our hearts, we’d by lying if we said his latest Instagram tease hasn’t hyped us up for a possible album announcement from Gaga herself. Is it possible that his video game theme teasers over the years have actually meant something substantial? If he’s truly doing the final mixing for a project, does that mean #LG6 is coming any day now? With all these questions and more in mind, Pop Crave has delved back into BloodPop‘s trolling history as a quick reminder that we’ve been burned before – and we could be burned again.






November 20, 2017


While the musical note emojis are innocent enough to the average follower, BloodPop knew exactly what he was doing to Little Monsters when he posted this picture with Lady Gaga on Instagram. He helped produce nearly every track on ‘Joanne,’ so how else were we supposed to interpret this message?


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December 21, 2017


To add insult to injury, BloodPop used the fire and lightning emojis in this 2017 photo of Lady Gaga at the studio. Two years later, we still aren’t positive what project this recording session was for.




January 30, 2018


It seems so obvious in hindsight that Gaga was never going to drop a solo project anywhere near her Oscar campaign for ‘A Star Is Born,’ but tell that to the Little Monsters in 2018 who saw this “liked” tweet by BloodPop.





April 20, 2018


This April 2018 Instagram story of Gaga in the studio certainly didn’t help squash rumors of new music with BloodPop on the horizon.






April 21, 2018


BloodPop just couldn’t help himself when he posted an actual VIDEO of Gaga in the studio one day later. Perhaps we’ll finally get the #LG6 lead single, “Stir The Pot” this year?





April 22, 2018


Any picture from BloodPop remotely affiliated with Gaga counts as an #LG6 teaser, and this picture of producer HANA playing with the pop icon’s dogs is no exception.




April 26, 2018


Like clockwork, Little Monsters spammed BloodPop‘s feed with “where’s #LG6?” comments after he announced one of his new music clients via Twitter. BloodPop decided to troll the trolls by “liking” comments asking if his Gaga collaboration would be dropping soon.





May 2, 2018


The same action figure seen in BloodPop‘s studio session video a month prior makes another cameo in this Instagram photo. The clue, if it even is one, continues to haunt Little Monsters to this day.



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August 15, 2018


BloodPop beat trolls at their own game when he commented “drop #LG6” on this Instagram post from Gaga in August of 2018. Funny in hindsight, but absolutely maddening in real time.



December 9, 2018


BloodPop fueled rumors that Gaga would be dropping #LG6 just in time for her Vegas residency show, ‘Enigma’ when he commented “Bayonetta 6” on this Instagram post from the singer in late 2018.




December 11, 2018


Aside from the easter egg that #LG6 may be influenced by video games, this text screenshot feels unnecessarily cruel in hindsight.





March 11, 2019


BloodPop responded “what’s that” to a fan asking if he was still a producer on #LG6, a clear confirmation to anyone familiar with his trolling that he was still hard at work with Gaga.




March 12, 2019


BloodPop unofficially confirmed his involvement with Gaga‘s new project when he reposted the singer’s infamous “pregnant with #LG6” tweet on Instagram. And to think that we were ready for a 2019 album from Gaga when we ended up getting…nothing.



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March 28, 2019


We’ve been dissecting these emoji choices in BloodPop‘s studio session picture with Gaga for MONTHS.



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HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYTTTT!!!!!! @ladygaga ?????⭐️???

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June 11, 2019


“THAT’S HOW WE MAKE THE PASTAAAAAA” is a clear reference to Gaga‘s Italian heritage. Frustratingly enough, it may also be a call back to the “stir the pot” line from his studio session video with Gaga in April 2018.



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July 9, 2019


Once again, Little Monsters found themselves prepared for an #LG6 release any day after BloodPop teased (or trolled) that the music featured in a Haus Labs video was actually an album cut.





July 12, 2019


To no one’s surprise, BloodPop ended up deleting his post that promised some #LG6 tea if he got 20,000 Instagram comments.




September 3, 2019


BloodPop showed he was fully aware of the rumors that Grimes is involved with Gaga‘s new album when he commented “where’s #LG6” on her Instagram.






October 30, 2019


In the bottom left corner of Gaga‘s Halloween Instagram is a carefully placed iPhone with the track “Stupid Love” by an unknown artist playing. Following rumors that Gaga was teasing an #LG6 single, BloodPop commented “TF?” on a separate Gaga Instagram post featuring a pumpkin with the possible single title “Ghosted.” Desperate for any details whatsoever, Little Monsters interpreted the comment as “This Friday?” As always, the fandom ended up getting nothing.





August 15, 2019


We’d like to believe BloodPop genuinely thought #LG6 was coming “soon” at the time of liking this tweet, but time has proven this to be another troll move.



January 9, 2020


In what’s possibly the most tantalizing tease yet, BloodPop revealed he’s “finishing/mixing” a project on Instagram this week. The producer went out of his way to tease a video game theme and include several emojis used in past studio sessions with Gaga.



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Finishing / mixing ????⭐️?? ? ???????????

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January 9, 2020


Another day, another comment about #LG6’s imminent release being “liked” by BloodPop.






January 10, 2020


BloodPop once again went out of his way to comment about #LG6 on Instagram, only this time under a post from collaborator BURNS captioned “real final hours.” It’s important to note that Gaga collaborator Benjamin Rice is also tagged in the photo.




January 13, 2020


This week, BloodPop shared another studio session photo featuring a collaborator who is obscured JUST enough to draw speculation. If it’s not Gaga, then who else could it be?



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??? ?

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January 18, 2020


Just hours after fans started re-spreading a clip of Lady Gaga‘s rumored lead #LG6 single, “Stupid Love” online, BloodPop took to Instagram to post this picture of Gaga with producer BURNS in the studio. Fans think Gaga is giving a subtle middle finger to those who spread “Stupid Love” online, but maybe we’re looking into this too closely.




Do you think BloodPop’s recent teasers are pointing toward an #LG6 single this February? What do you make of the recent “Stupid Love” leak? Share your thoughts with us over on Twitter at @PopCrave!