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With their captivating comebacks, electrifying stage presence, and the iconic tagline “STAYC girls, it’s going down,” the emerging girl group STAYC has unquestionably made a significant impact on the music scene.

Comprising six uniquely talented members – Sumin, Sieun, Isa, Seeun, Yoon, and J – this Korean girl group burst onto the scene in 2020 with the groundbreaking drum’n’bass sound of “SO BAD.” From the outset, they introduced themselves as a bold and boundary-pushing group, steadily gaining a global fan base known as “SWITH” through their diverse musical style and authentic connections.

Their title tracks, ranging from the twinkly and whimsical brilliance of their viral hit “ASAP” to the shuffling hi-hats and wobbly bass stabs in “STEREOTYPE,” as well as the retro synth sounds in “RUN2U” and the neon-bright dance-pop of their latest release, “BUBBLE,” expertly blend a variety of vibes and sonic styles. However, the true essence of STAYC’s charm as a group comes to life in their B-sides. Tracks like “YOUNG LUV” from their YOUNG-LUV.COM mini album evoke wistful nostalgia, while “POPPY” is a sassy house-pop gem made for the runway. Songs like “I Wanna Do” and “I WANT U BABY” demonstrate their genre versatility, fusing UK drill with shimmering synths.

By curating a diverse catalog of musical gems, STAYC has established themselves as one of the most promising and exciting acts in the industry. As they prepare for their debut performance in London at the renowned OVO Arena for the KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON event, promoted by the leading K-pop touring agency MyMusicTaste, STAYC shares insights into their new mini album TEENFRESH, their approach to music videos, and their enthusiasm for taking their performances to audiences around the world. Keep reading for the full interview!

What can you tell us about the concept and inspiration behind your latest release, TEENFRESH?

SIEUN: Through our album TEENFRESH, you can definitely feel the TEENFRESH vibe! We’ve added a variety of music so that listeners can receive the message of being yourself and the healing from the bright energy only STAYC can give!

SEEUN: With our sweet and bright energy, this album contains a lot of signature personalities of STAYC!

Your choreography is known for its precision and creativity. Can you share some insights into the dance routines for this album and the messages they convey?

SUMIN: The dance points that highlight the choreography are the part where it looks like we are popping a bubble, and also the part where we blow the bubble.

YOON: We articulated our choreography to match the lyrics! For example, along with the lyric “danger beyond the blanket,” it looks like I am under a blanket, and the part “ring around, round and round,” we all spin in circles. I feel like those points are really cute and creative!

Your music videos often feature stunning visuals and choreography. How do you prepare for these intricate performances?

ISA: We talk a lot with our producer and the production team to understand the concept and performance of the music video. We go straight into mastering the choreography with our performance director, and we always study how to make facial expressions that would suit the performance by ourselves.

J: We first take lessons on memorizing the choreography and then practice it numerous times. We know that it is very important to pay attention to details when it comes to performance quality, so we spend a lot of time harmonizing with the team.

How has STAYC evolved as a group since your debut, and what do you think sets you apart from other K-pop groups?

SIEUN: The biggest difference is that we are able to grow and skillfully communicate with our audience, and we are able to appeal to each and every one of our talents. Each member has different colors in style, and we all know well how to express them. STAYC is unique in its way of directly delivering healing energy to the fans! We are always genuine in our performance, and I think a lot of people receive that energy from us!

ISA: I feel like what we grew in most is our presence on stage. Whenever I realize that the audience is having a good time with us, it is exhilarating. Through our bright energy, I believe that we can positively affect the audience that comes to see us.

STAYC has a diverse range of talents. Could you each share one unique skill or hobby that fans might not know about?

SUMIN: I am not a professional at it yet, but I love to make bead bracelets these days. My unique skill is to change my voice.

SIEUN: I love writing and going swimming! I think my fans know this, but I am really flexible. I also love to tidy up my space!

ISA: I keep up with the newest trends, so I love looking up new stuff. These days, I look up a lot of new fashion brands, and since we are on our U.S. tour, I look up a lot of English expressions and watch vlogs of exchange students.

SEEUN: I love to do crafty stuff such as building blocks and gem painting!

YOON: I really got into reading novels again recently! I love the feeling of being immersed in the story, and it helps a lot when I have a lot going in my mind.

J: My hobby is to make a lot of miniature stuff, so I look up videos of them! My skill is to give a great massage!

In the competitive K-pop industry, what do you believe has been the key to STAYC’s success and growing popularity?

SUMIN: I think it is the genuineness of our music and performance. I believe that it reaches a lot of people because they tell us that they have received a lot of positive energy from us.

SEEUN: I think a lot of people fall in love with our songs and performances!

STAYC will soon make their European debut in London at the KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON event on November 8. How does it feel to be preparing for your first show in such an iconic city?

SEEUN: It’s our first time meeting fans in London, so we are really excited about it. We also prepared a special performance.

YOON: I am really glad to visit London because it is a city that I’ve always wanted to be in! And it is the first time we get to see our fans there, so I want to be there as quickly as possible and have a great time with the audience! We prepared a lot for the show, so please look forward to them!

Can you give us a sneak peek into what fans can expect from your London performance?

SIEUN: We will be covering a group that I’ve loved since I was a kid. It’s from a girl group that was a hit in the global charts from the ‘90s, so you will be able to experience the girl power of STAYC from that performance!

ISA: We’re preparing a cover performance that really suits the STAYC girls’ style.

Are there any specific experiences or places in London that you’re looking forward to exploring during your visit?

YOON: I love the Harry Potter series, so I want to visit the House of MinaLima! Also, I love observing the night scenery and taking photos, so it’d be awesome to visit the London Eye and Big Ben! Especially Big Ben, because it was featured in a mystery game called Layton’s Mystery Journey!

J: I want to try bagels when I visit London.

Your fanbase, SWITH, is known for its dedication and passion. What would you like to say to your international fans who have been eagerly waiting for your performance in London?

SUMIN: We are so grateful for your love and support from all around the world, and we prepared a lot for the performance in London, so stay tuned!

SIEUN: London SWITH, we missed you so much. I’m thrilled to finally be able to meet you! Please continue your love and support towards STAYC, and let’s have a great time~!!

ISA: I am looking forward to the energy from our London fans. We are ready, so London SWITH, you’d better be ready too! See you soon~

SEEUN: I’m so happy and excited that it is finally here ❤ Thank you so much for the passionate support! I love you~~

YOON: I really want to see you all for the first time, and I am very thankful for our fans who give us love from far away. We will deliver that energy back to you through our KOREA ON STAGE IN LONDON performance. Thank you!

J: SWITH ❤❤ Thank you so much for loving us from all around the world! 😆 It’s our first performance in London so we are super excited, and we can’t wait to finally meet you. See you all soon! 😚

STAYC’s new mini album, TEENFRESH, is out now.

Written by Hasan Beyaz.