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Taylor Swift is an iconic musician with a very dense discography. People know her most popular songs like “Shake It Off,” “Love Story,” “I Knew You Were Trouble,” and “Look What You Made Me Do.” Besides those iconic songs, there are many bops that are not known by the non-Swiftie stans.


Swift released her latest single, “ME!,” about a week ago, which has fans excited for the new era and new music from her.


Here are what we believe to be Taylor Swift’s most underrated songs that everyone should listen to:


“Starlight”- RED

This song was never a single, but it should have been. If it was more popular so many people would be jamming to it at weddings, parties, proms, etc. The lyrics “I said, ‘Oh My, what a marvelous tune. It was the best night. Never would forget how we moved. The whole place was dressed to the nines and we were dancing, dancing like we’re made of Starlight” are perfect for any celebratory occasion. The beat is something that would make you want to never stop dancing with your friends. If you don’t know this song, then how could you caption your picture when you meet Taylor, “don’t you dream impossible dreams?”




Although this song is a bonus track and they don’t get as much recognition as they should, the other bonus tracks on this album (“You are in Love” and “New Romantics”) are loved greatly by the fandom. “New Romantics” even got an unofficial tour video. “Wonderland” never made it onto the 1989 Tour setlist and was performed once during surprise song o’clock on the reputation Stadium Tour in Houston, TX. The song puts a spin on the movie ‘Alice in Wonderland’ and tells the story of getting lost in that world with the one you love.


“Better Than Revenge”- Speak Now

Although this sounds like it was a song made for “reputation,” it appeared on her third album, “Speak Now.” When fans talk about this album, this song is sort of glossed over. Imagine the music video for this song. It would give us the same vibes of “Before He Cheats” by Carrie Underwood. The lyrics are clever and the beat is catchy. Like many of Swift’s songs, it features a spoken word bridge that really brings the message home.


“So It Goes”- reputation

This song never made it on the official reputation Stadium Tour setlist except for a few times when Swift swapped it out with “Dancing with our Hands Tied.” All the pieces fall right into place when you listen to this song. Swift is totally in love in this song and expresses it vividly.


“The Outside”- Taylor Swift

Even though this album came out 13 years ago, many of these songs are still loved by and talked about by fans. “The Outside” is one that you never really hear about from her self-titled album. If you’re a country fan and looking for new music then this is the song for you. It talks about feeling like an outsider in a relationship- even though you are in a relationship with someone it just feels lonely.


“You’re Not Sorry”- Fearless

When you think of this album, you probably think of “You Belong With Me,” “Love Story,” “Fearless” and “Fifteen,” but “You’re Not Sorry” is actually a masterpiece and very relatable. It’s about someone in a relationship trying to apologize for their wrongdoings but the other person knows that they aren’t telling the truth.


“How You Get the Girl”- 1989

Don’t wait forever and ever to listen to this bop. It will make you dance, fall in love, and go get that girl. Although it doesn’t really tell you HOW to get the girl, it is catchy, nonetheless. It is the perfect song to blare in your car on a warm spring day with the windows down. One of the more memorable performances on the 1989 World Tour, the song does not get the recognition it should.


“Sweeter Than Fiction”- from the movie ‘One Chance’

The song was released in 2013  as part of the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed movie, “Once Chance.” Although not such a popular movie, the song should not be slept on. The sick beat will have you dancing and the lyrics will have you falling in love and wishing you were living a fairytale. “Sweeter than Fiction” was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Original Song.


“The Lucky One” – RED

The song about someone who sought fame, but chose a simpler life is literally one of the catchiest songs Swift has put out and fans pay no attention to it. It talks about the almost too close description of being famous and how sometimes that life might not be all it is cracked up to be. Slowly emerging out of her country roots, “The Lucky One” could be a smash pop hit.


“State of Grace”- RED

The drums, the lyrics, just everything. It is one of our favorites. It may even be THE most underrated song of hers. You’ll never be the same after listening to this song. Honestly, ‘RED” is one of Swift’s best albums and should have won the Grammy for Album of the Year. “State of Grace” is 5 minutes of pure perfection.


“Getaway Car”- reputation

The song that should have been a single. The song that deserved a music video. The song that deserved more recognition. Don’t pretend this song is such a mystery. Think about the place where you first heard this song and listen to it over and over again. The lyrics and beat will have you hooked from the first verse.


“Tell Me Why”- Fearless


Take a chance, take a shot on this country bop. One of the less popular hits on “Fearless,” “Tell Me Why” is a prime example of Swift’s skills as a songwriter. It’s a song about her asking the person she likes why they do the things they do to her and she is tired of the back and forth.


“Crazier”- from the Hannah Montana Movie

The movie starred Miley Cyrus and Swift’s “You Belong With Me” co-star, Lucas Till, and produced great hits. “Crazier” made us middle-schoolers fall in love with our imaginary boyfriends in this song. Swift made a cameo in the movie to perform the song. It charted at number 17 on the Hot 100. Critics named it the best song on the soundtrack.



What song of Swift’s do you think deserves more recognition? Tweet us at @PopCrave. 


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