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EVERGLOW are a 6-piece girl group brought together by K-Pop entertainment company Yuehua Entertainment. Embracing female empowerment and individuality since their debut, they’ve been known to release dance-heavy earworms that will never leave your head.

They’ve returned to the scene after a yearlong break, getting back to their roots with new title track “SLAY” and mini album ALL MY GIRLS. Hear more about their group concept and the spirit they embody in our exclusive Q&A below!

It’s been about a year and a half since your last comeback. How does it feel to be able to share this new mini album with your fans?

E:U: Yeah, like you mentioned, we are making a comeback after a while, so we were kind of nervous and we felt a little bit worried to see the fans’ reaction. We are still kind of feeling that a little bit. But tomorrow is our album release day, so we are very excited, and we just hope to show our best selves so that fans can really enjoy this comeback with us. We are very excited!

Which of the new tracks are all of your favorites?

MIA: My personal favorite is “Oh Ma Ma God.” I really like that song.


E:U: My favorite is the title track, “SLAY”!

Many fans interpret your group concept as female empowerment and confidence building. Is that what you all set out to do? Is that something that you all find important about your group?

SIHYEON: Even before our debut, we were always taught that you need to have self confidence, and you need to really show yourself and prove yourself on stage. That’s why we were always aiming to do that even before our debut. We made our debut with “Bon Bon Chocolat,” and I think after that, it’s getting more and more intense in some ways. But I think along with that, we are able to really prove ourselves on the stage as much as we grow.

What was it like preparing for this comeback versus your older projects after such a long break?

MIA: I think the biggest difference is that we really put a lot of effort into making this album, like we always do, but we poured extra work into this album, especially on showing how to really express ourselves through energetic performance. That was our main focus. And we even filmed ourselves, our expressions, and we would monitor them to really study ourselves and try to improve ourselves in a way. I think that would be the biggest difference you might see from this album.

Yeah, that seems like a lot of hard work, so I’m looking forward to it! The last time that you all were in the U.S. was for your “Everlasting” tour. Is there anything that you wanted to do in the U.S. that you weren’t able to back then?

ONDA: Yeah, in fact, we actually couldn’t visit LA the last time we were in the states due to COVID, but now we are going to KCON LA! I think it’s great. We are very excited to try some really famous food in LA, and most of all, we are just excited to see our fans there face to face. That’s the most exciting part.

Being able to perform again and on such a big stage is probably very exciting! What song in your discography makes you feel the most confident while you’re performing it?

AISHA: I think in terms of performance, we feel really confident and really energetic when we are performing super grand songs. So, I think I feel that way when we perform “FIRST.” I think that makes me feel really grand, energetic, and powerful.

Definitely. The choreography for “FIRST” is crazy. I don’t know how you guys do that! Do you have any pre-show routines?

YIREN: We must stretch. That’s a must. And before going up on the stage, I think we just try really hard to bring out our tension – like, our energy up as much as possible, along with if there’s any change in the choreography or any change in the movement onstage. We always discuss that and make sure we all are aware of that. So, I think the most important thing that we always do is just bring up our energy before every performance.

What are each of the members’ current pop culture obsessions? Is there anything that you guys are really into right now?

YIREN: Taylor Swift. I’ve been watching concert videos of Taylor Swift on TikTok, and I really want to go to her concert one day!

EVERGLOW’s new mini album, ALL MY GIRLS, is out now.

Written by Lily Dabbs.