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This month rising artist Nick Karcher released his moody anthem, “I Hate Parties” that will surely leave a nostalgic feeling on his listeners ears about the partying-life before quarantine. Written by Karcher himself, the singer-songwriter perfectly paints a picture of wild Friday nights with lyrics such as “Man I hate the parties in LA / Coke & Bacardi, chug the Rosé / Sex on ecstasy, it’s all make believe.”


When asked about the inspiration that helped shape the track, Nick Karcher dived deep into his experiences & social life:


“I’m twenty-two, of course I love to party […] It was just after so many nights I couldn’t remember and so many times I was looking for another way, another substance, to evade how I was feeling; I knew it was time to address the things that were really hurting me and that’s what this single is.”



The track produced by Matt Dougherty perfectly mixes the gritty electric guitar riff & broody drum line reminiscent of Doja Cat’s “Bottom Bitch” or YUNGBLUD’s, Halsey’s & Travis Barker’s “11 Minutes.” Providing homage to the early 2000’s sound, Karcher has effortlessly made the essential anthem for any young adult treading through life, even if it takes one hangover at a time.


Racking up over thirty thousand streams across all his platforms, Nick Karcher is rising up in the music scene. With refreshing Urban sonics & exceptional lyrics under his belt, expect to hear to more from Karcher and his music very soon.


Listen to the track below: