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Critically acclaimed singer-songwriter JAMIE has failed to disappoint at every turn, consistently providing the world with impeccable songs and dazzling musicality. Working with the likes of Doja Cat and Saweetie on the “Best Friend” remix to collaborating with David Guetta, Ty Dolla $ign, and A Boogie Wit da Hoodie on “Family,” JAMIE showcases immense talent and global stardom with each track she’s part of.

Following her first English single, otherwise known as the breakout hit that is “Pity Party,” JAMIE returns to music with even more addictive melodies and visuals. Her new EP, One Bad Night, is the first body of work she’s released in four years. Exploring club beats, R&B influences, carefree lyricism, captivating vocals, and undeniably raw emotion, the five-track project is an absolute treat for fans to behold.

“3D Woman” is JAMIE’s new single from the One Bad Night EP, and it encapsulates everything we’ve known of JAMIE and her prior work. There is an oozing amount of confidence and personality to the song, and it truly shines as being one of her best releases yet. The music video also lands a punch with its psychedelic vibes, party atmosphere, and seductive energy. If one hasn’t hopped on the JAMIE train, then now is the ultimate time to do so.

Pop Crave asked JAMIE about her latest single, “3D Woman,” and what the track personally means to her. Check out the exclusive quote below!

Pop Crave: “3D Woman” is an empowering, iconic track from your new EP, ‘One Bad Night’! What made you choose it as the single, and what does the song personally mean to you?

JAMIE: We’ve all been kind of stuck at home for the past couple years, and people are finally really going out again, doing things that previously have been sort of on hold. I want people to hear this song and think, “I’m a 3D woman, I’ve got that something extra that you’ll just need to experience in person,” and really embody that confidence that comes from getting ready and going out to party with your friends. No matter how confident you are, I think we all have moments of doubt or loneliness, which my EP touches on through “Bedtime Story” and “Honesty.” “3D Woman” is here to remind myself that while I can acknowledge the lows, I can definitely still celebrate my highs, to embrace that fierceness that’s in all of us.

JAMIE’s new EP, One Bad Night, is out now.

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