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Photo Credit: Alyssa Yung (Twitter: @_alyssayung_)


There’s perhaps no pop artist more prolific at the moment than Ms. Kim Petras.


Taking full advantage of her status as an independent artist, Petras is defying the 2019 status-quo with nearly weekly track releases and no official album in sight. The past couple months have seen the artist drop an astounding seven tracks, all of which feature Petras as the lead with no collaborations. It’s a refreshing release strategy in 2019 that sees Petras prioritizing her fanbase and the music above all else.


The speedy turnover rate also feels overwhelming, only because every track really is THAT good. Our team at Pop Crave took on the daunting task of ranking all seven tracks from Kim Petras’s second era, and to say it was challenging is quite the understatement.



7. All I Do Is Cry


“All I Do Is Cry” plays like the little sister of “Broken” in the best way possible. Branching off from her past pop anthems, Petras shows off her agility with spoken word lyrics over a signature, dreamy guitar riff. And while the track skirts around a Top 40 pop chorus, Petras succeeds in her breezy vocals and ability to make it all sound so easy.



6. Got My Number


“Got My Number” may just be Petras most accessible single from her new era. By meshing the classic bad girl energy of her previous hits with a newfound restraint in production and vocals, Petras has crafted a track that’s equally fit for the club dance floor as it is the bathroom mirror glam session. It’s Kim’s most-streamed track on Spotify from the new era, and for good reason.



5. Broken


Kim kicked off her second era with a curveball. On “Broken,” the pop princess shows her fans a more vulnerable side to her music as she sings about wishing the pain of lost love on her former lover. It’s a notably softer track than her previous efforts that still manages to deliver a fantastic pop hook (and a woo-ah!). No set of lyrics sums up the energy of “Broken” better than these:


“Hope you’re happy with your new bitch, how ya living? I’m in Paris in Marc Jacobs, life’s amazing.”



4. Blow It All


The third track from Petras’ second era certainly didn’t disappoint. Kicking off with an eerie “Hehe,” “Blow It All” sees the singer riding a smooth, R&B-tinged guitar riff as she flexes about “Spending $20,000 just to leave it on the coat rack.” Lyrics like “I’m a name brand” and “We going worldwide” make for the perfect Instagram captions this summer.



3. Clarity


Petras proves less is more on the understated flex that is “Clarity.” Running at a brisk 2:03, Petras takes a set of lyrics that look like a Soundcloud rapper’s on paper and turns them into something completely her own. The singer gives us major “7 rings” vibes as she effortlessly raps about Gucci, Prada, Dolce and Gabanna on the track’s memorable bridge, proving she truly is “the bitch with the sauce.”



2. Do Me


“Do Me” is Kim Petras doing Kim Petras best. Following a string of mid-tempo releases with “Broken,” “Blow It All” and “All I Do Is Cry,” Petras went back to her roots to serve a true stadium-pop banger that captivates from start to finish. It’s lead single material that absolutely deserves to be blasted at an 11 (get ready to blow out your speakers during the iconic guitar breakdown.)



1. Sweet Spot


Euphoric. Iconic. SKINNY. “Sweet Spot” feels like the love child of Kim Petras and Daft Punk that the Bunheads didn’t even know they needed. No matter how divided the fanbase may be on which ERA 2 track reigns supreme, “Sweet Spot” has that X-Factor quality that no pop fan can deny. To put it simply, it’s the song we can’t stop returning to.



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