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Last week, Miley Cyrus unleashed her track “Cattitude” off her ‘She Is Coming’ EP, and the internet was divided. With one swift move, pop’s provocateur was back. After a more tame few years (that still managed to ruffle some feathers), Bitchley had resurfaced.


The track is a frothy, ballroom inspired track with a surprisingly ferocious guest verse from gay supreme, RuPaul. It’s a sex-positive bop, centered around the hook, “I love my pussy that means I got Cattitude.”

It’s the brashest, most pop moment on the She Is Coming EP, and the one many reviews have fixated on. Pitchfork singled it out at random for a scathing track review despite it not being pushed as a single.


It’s hard to understand what the damage is with this one. Is it a lack of basic reading comprehension skills that have misconstrued the line “I love you Nicki, but I listen to Cardi,” as a read? It’s a song about the power of “Cattitude,” why wouldn’t MC be listening to both powerful, occasionally competing rap queens?


HighSnobiety’s embarrassing review, which was put on blast by Miley herself for misprinting her mother’s name, falls in this category, writing, “let’s briefly talk about how Cyrus goes out of her way to bring up her 2015 feud with Nicki Minaj at the MTV VMAs with the line “I love you, Nicki, but I listen to Cardi.” Was that really necessary?” Whew, the rock-bottom level of analysis really jumped out, huh?


In general though, the biggest gripe with track seems to quite literally be Cyrus’s “Cattitude.” The song see’s the singer at her most shameless, ballsy and kitschy, the qualities that have solidified Cyrus as a compelling artist in her post Disney career. After taking a backseat during the softer Younger Now era, it’s a welcome change to see these attributes brought back to front and center.


Right now, there seems to be an ominous mentality that serious and minimalist equals good. Everything has to be serious all the time, because the world is dark so this must be how it is!! But at the end of the ‘This Is: Billie Eilish’ playlist can’t there still be room for pop music that’s playful, bizarre and a just little extra AF? 


Stream “Cattitude” and the rest of the She Is Coming EP here.