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R&B has its newest rising star, and he goes by the name Luh Kel. Born in St. Louis, Missouri, the singer is poised to be the city’s next breakout artist. In his new single, “F Love,” the 18-year-old recording artist chronicles the feeling of heartbreak after being cheated on by an ex.

The song encapsulates listeners with its pessimistic outlook on the concept of love, revealing that the feeling can also be complicated and toxic. Kel’s painful lyrics relate his experience with love to having no parachute while trying to land. He is clearly not afraid of being a vulnerable songwriter and instead uses his experiences to tell an authentic story for fans to relate to. 

Although only released a few weeks ago, “F Love” has already been making waves on platforms like TikTok and Instagram, where the singer boasts millions of followers on each. The song is slowly becoming a TikTok favorite, spanning thousands of videos from users who are using the track to share their own stories of heartbreak. 

At just 18-years-old, Luh Kel already has a platinum-certified single for his song “Wrong,” released in 2019. The song’s music video has reached over 125 million views on YouTube, with its success leading to a “Wrong Remix” collaboration with artist and fellow R&B up-and-comer, Lil Tjay. Luh Kel has also collaborated with artists like Queen Naija and Trippie Redd, who have contributed to the singer’s quick breakout as a star in the world of R&B. 

While Luh Kel is still fairly new to the scene, he has already made his mark in the music industry and we see no sign of him stopping.

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