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In a digital era that propels artists into the spotlight simply for going viral, let’s make one thing clear: Nathy Peluso has taken the Internet by storm. In October, the 26-year-old Argentinian singer-songwriter visited COLORS Studios for a performance of her single, “Sana Sana,” from her debut studio album, ‘Calambre.’ Today, the video has reached over 17 million views on YouTube and went viral on Twitter, spawning thousands of memes, many of which commented on her intense performance style. The video’s popularity led COLORS to invite Peluso back for an encore performance of “Puro Veneno” in February. More recently, her song “Music Sessions, Vol. 36” was featured in the Season 4 trailer for Netflix’s ‘Elite.’ The self-described “electric person” and two-time Latin Grammy nominee now looks ahead as she plans on making a name for herself globally.

Pop Crave caught up with Nathy to get to know a little more about her.

What was your inspiration for the “Delito” music video?

“Delito” is a song that talks about an intoxicating relationship and how passion, and the sexual aspect, can turn love into something dangerous, and something that hurts. I was inspired by that starting point — to make a music video centered on that link and about what happens in a relationship that’s no longer working. But, there’s an important physical dependency.

How recently did you shoot the video? Were there any restraints or production hurdles your team faced due to the pandemic?

Yes, we shot the video in November 2020. The shoot was very complicated because there were many restrictions, and we had to take great care to make it happen. But, I’m proud that it came out perfect and even broke those barriers.

What have you been up to in quarantine these past few months since the album dropped? Is the rollout going the way you expected it?

I have stayed active and receptive to all the opportunities that have presented themselves. I am very happy that in spite of the difficult times that we artists are overcoming, I have achieved many things that I hadn’t even planned to, so I’m very happy.

How would you compare your new album,’Calambre’ to your 2018 EP?

It is superior in both the musical aspect and the songwriting. ‘La Sandunguera’ was a quest, and ‘Calambre’ is a done deal, an affirmation, and a statement of how I vibrate in music and where I’m headed. Energetically, its points of view are very different. I feel like more of an adult and a woman who’s more prepared. I’m also joined by first-rate musicians.

Are you aware of the Nancy Pelosi jokes on Twitter?

Yes, they amuse me a lot!

You are great at social media, especially Instagram and YouTube. Do you pay attention to Twitter and stan culture at all?

I don’t think so. Twitter is a way for me to promote, but I’m not too entertained by it because I feel like there are some really angry people there, and it doesn’t seem productive to me.

Your BZRP music session has accumulated over 100 MILLION views in less than two months. What has it been like experiencing this massive reaction, and how did you end up collaborating with Bizarrap?

It was a very fruitful, musical adventure for me. Constantly getting together with artists produces an enriching result, because energies and processes are shared. I am very happy that this song has gone so far, most of all because it’s a hip-hop song performed by a woman. The fact that it has become an important song means that this genre is vital. Bizarrap had wanted to collaborate with me, and he started sending me his productions. Really, the feeling was mutual. We both feel great love for hip-hop and enjoy doing justice to this genre that represents us.

Who are some of your dream collaborators (singers, producers, designers, etc.)?

Gloria Estefan, Stevie Wonder, and Missy Elliott; I have a bunch!

Can fans expect more music videos and/or singles from ‘Calambre’?

I don’t know. It’s up in the air and the music will dictate what happens. Without a doubt, each song off ‘Calambre’ is going to have a long run on the concert stage, and that will bring many surprises and blessings.

For those who may just be discovering your music, what do you want them to know about you?

I make music without barriers, and I greatly enjoy learning from every genre. I like to play with all the realms of art within my songs and performances. I adore music.