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This 23-year-old Baltimore artist welcomes you to her world of poppy, vibrant, colorful, trippy, and psychedelic sensations.

mazie, who recently blew up on TikTok after her song, “dumb dumb,” was featured in Netflix’s Do Revenge film, has attracted a worldwide web of listeners with her fun, politically savvy, and indulgent songwriting capabilities. Her latest track, “girls just wanna have sex,” has just as much potential at being a massive success. Partially inspired by the recent Roe v. Wade overturning, the song is a certified bop that empowers women to own their sexuality to the fullest. With an addictive chorus and memorable lyricism, it could truly become mazie’s next big hit.

Pop Crave sat down with mazie to discuss her new song, “girls just wanna have sex,” where her incredible fashion sense comes from, and how she’s been dealing with “dumb dumb” becoming a viral TikTok track. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi mazie, congratulations on the massive success of “dumb dumb”! It’s gained such traction over the past few months. Could you explain how the song was made and what it personally means to you?

Totally! I mean, it was made in a really insane context. We were in the studio the day the insurrection happened, and that was just on the TV. We were doom scrolling on Twitter, and my producer, Elie [Rizk], had already had the beat from the night before. We knew what we were going to be working on, and then we were just watching the TV like, “Are you kidding me?!” So then “everyone is dumb” was born, and the rest is history [laughs]!

The “dumb dumb” music videos – both the original and the “trippy version” – perfectly match that poppy and psychedelic aesthetic! How would you describe the concept of the music videos?

I would argue that there isn’t a concept to the video. I think my whole thing has been very DIY over the last two or three years, so any video I’ve done has typically been in my house after we construct a set with cardboard and, like, I don’t know, whatever. “dumb dumb” was just sort of like, okay, I had this set in mind, I had somewhat treatment for what I kind of wanted, but it was more the aesthetic shots, and I got my friends together. We finished the set, just pulled up, and decided to start shooting. That was that!

How would you describe your fashion sense, and what’s your favorite outfit you’ve gotten to wear for a music video?

Ooh, for a music video? Okay, I have to think about the music video one, but all my stuff is secondhand. I don’t buy anything new, so I feel like it forces me to have a unique collection of clothing just because everything’s secondhand. Depop is my safe space [laughs]. I feel like my favorite outfit might have been from the “no friends” music video just because that was so me at the time, same with “i think i wanna be alone.” When I think back to that version of myself, she has a very sweet place in my heart. I’m like, “Aww!”

“dumb dumb” is super popular on TikTok and was recently one of the most used TikTok tracks in all of the United States! What is it like having a viral TikTok moment? Do you get sucked into the app even more?

I think it’s good that I’m a naturally pretty dissociative person, because it feels very distanced for me. As I’m scrolling through and I hear my own song, it doesn’t even register sometimes. A couple weeks ago, I had a big moment where I was like, “Wow, this really happened! There are, like, literally billions of views on these videos!” Like, it was very surreal and overwhelming. But yeah, it’s been fun [laughs].

What’s a song you’ve recently discovered on TikTok that you really like?

Oh my God! “Girlfriend” by Hemlocke Springs! I’m obsessed! I’m obsessed! Like, come on! I’m so excited. The whole song, I’m just like, “Yes.” It’s been in my November playlist.

Not only is “dumb dumb” TikTok famous, but it is also featured in the well-known Netflix film Do Revenge! How did that come about, and how did it feel to watch the film with your song in it for the first time?

Again, very surreal. It came about because the music supervisor, Rob Lowry, who is just an absolute legend, had come across my music at some point. He was just passing it along to Jen [Kaytin Robinson], the director, and then they just kind of both settled on “dumb dumb” being placed in the movie at some point, which is absurd. At some point, they decided to place it in the trailer also. Since then, it changed my life, which is pretty insane! I got to go to the premiere, and it was very overwhelming hearing the song in the movie. Like, it was just… I don’t know, it’s crazy!

Your next big release is coming up real soon on November 18 with your new song, “girls just wanna have sex”! Can you give us a hint on what the vibe or atmosphere of the song is like?

I mean, it’s raunchy, it’s rowdy, very manic. That’s how I felt when I was in the studio making it. I think there’s always this juxtaposition of just a subtly political tinge to everything, because for me it was like, okay, I really want a song that is female empowerment driven – like sexuality empowerment driven – in a way that is not for the male gaze inherently, you know what I mean? At the same time with the overturning of Roe v. Wade, I just kind of came in being really fucking upset. Like, girls just want to have sex, you know what I mean? Like, can you leave us the fuck alone and just let us do what we want to do? So, you know, there’s a little bit of tongue in cheek where I’m like, “Okay, until I get my rights back, I will not be sleeping with a single man!”

Where did you get the inspiration behind that amazing cover art for the song?

All of my cover art is done by my creative partner, Jozik World. He’s amazing. We went to college together. We’ve been using a lot of AI driven visuals. This wasn’t specifically AI. He made it in, like… I forget what program he used. Whatever! But I just wanted, you know, like a floral alien orgy type vibe [laughs], and so that’s what we got!

Just last fall, you supported COIN on their North American tour. What was that experience of touring like for you?

Oh my God, it was my first time touring ever. I just am so grateful to COIN and also Still Woozy who took me out last spring for just taking a chance on me, especially for COIN. They’re, like, a band band, and so I’m not. I just am so appreciative for Chase [Lawrence] and all those guys sticking their neck out for me. For me, it was hard cutting your teeth on a big tour, rooms of thousands of people every single night. Going from having never done that is insane, but I think touring is my ideal life. I want to be on the road for 365 days of the year. I’m obsessed. I’m my best self when I’m on tour, so yeah, it’s amazing!

If you could tour for any music artist in the world right now, who would it be and why?

Harry Styles. Harry. Styles. I literally have a plan that if I ever get on late night, I’m wearing a t-shirt that says, “Harry Styles, take me on tour!” Like, I need to open for Harry [laughs]!

You and one of your producers, Elie Rizk, are such a powerful pop duo! What is it like working with him, and do you have a favorite memory from working with him in the studio?

I have too many. So, he was my neighbor growing up. I met him when I was 15, which I still think is the craziest thing ever. I would just say it’s an honor to work with him. I think he is certifiably a genius. At times, I think it’s a little frustrating working alongside someone who is just so fucking good, you know what I mean? I’m trying my best with writing and all these things, and he’s just… He blows my mind every single time we’re in the studio, and I’m very lucky to have him as a collaborative partner. Oh my God, I’m trying to think of one of my favorite memories with Elie. There’s so many. Hmm… Oh my God, he’s gonna get mad if I tell one story, so I’m gonna do this one. The first time I ever snuck out in high school was because I needed to track doubles and harmonies on a song that we were making when I was literally still, like, I think I was about to graduate high school or whatever. It’s so funny thinking about the intensity we had toward finishing that song, which never saw the light of day. Like, literally never. It’s, like, from five years ago. It’s something crazy like that. We were just like, “We need to get in the studio! We need to track these vocals!” I don’t know, it was really cute [laughs].

How do you manage to not overwork yourself in such a demanding industry, and what do you typically do to destress?

Hmm, well, I don’t know if I’ve figured out how to not overwork. I’m not very good at that. For me, I’m feral, you know what I mean? Like, I have no plan B. I have had no plan B, I dropped out of college, I can’t go back. I committed my entire life to this. My entire purpose is aligned with my artistry, so I don’t know. I’m, like, very feral, and I feel like that’s not to be romanticized, you know what I mean? Like, a little crazy, but I smoke a lot of weed and spend every single day with my friends. I have a really strong and beautiful community of other creatives that I don’t know if I could do it without them. Smoking weed, seeing my friends, being feral. That’s how I do it.

Community and weed are key.

Yes [laughs]! So key!

What would you like to say to fans about what’s next for mazie’s musical journey? What can they expect in the upcoming year?

My album! My debut album! I’m so excited. She’s coming out in 2023. I just spent the whole last year breaking my body and brain to get this record, and I’m so fucking proud of it and excited for the world to hear it. So, my album!

mazie’s new song, “girls just wanna have sex,” is out now.