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London-based pop artist girli has been on a journey of self-discovery, and she’s been putting that journey into magical pop bangers for the whole world to enjoy.

Just last month, girli released “Imposter Syndrome.” The single touches on the singer’s relationship with her mental health, sometimes feeling like she’s an imposter as a successful musician and influencer. Her lyrics are incredibly raw and vulnerable, but they can also be quite fun with songs like “Cheap Love,” which is about being so in love that you don’t care if you’re broke.

In addition, girli is on her ‘F**ked It Up’ tour, taking place all across Europe. Her live performances are next level, and fans can also expect some phenomenal unreleased tracks to be played at her shows.

Pop Crave talked to girli about her new songs, “Imposter Syndrome” and “Cheap Love,” her ongoing ‘F**ked It Up’ tour, and what fans can expect from her for the rest of 2023. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi girli! First of all, congratulations on all of the amazing things you have going on right now! One thing that just recently happened is the release of your new song, “Imposter Syndrome.” Now that the song’s been out for a little over a month, what has the fan reaction to that song been like for you?

Hi! The fan reaction to “Imposter Syndrome” has been beautiful. It’s such a personal song about my struggles with mental illness and my self-esteem, and I’ve had so many people reach out on Instagram, TikTok, and my Discord saying they really relate to it and sharing their stories. I’m on my first ever tour of the USA right now, and I’ve been performing “Imposter” for the first time, and fans are already screaming the lyrics back to me. It’s amazing to see people connecting with it like that.

For those who haven’t heard the song yet, how would you describe the concept of it and what the song personally means to you?

I overthink everything, I feel like a fake most of the time, I’m always scared that I’m an underachiever and that everybody knows it and is laughing behind my back about it. I find it impossible to see myself through the lens of my friends and fans, to see that I’m amazing and that I’ve achieved so much. All I see is a failure most of the time. I kind of go through life feeling like everybody else has a guidebook, and I’m just making it up as I go and getting it wrong. This song is about wanting to run away because of that feeling and being so unsure of yourself it scares you.

Do you have a favorite lyric from “Imposter Syndrome”?

“It’s like I’m in a play, but I’ve forgot my lines.” I feel like this most of the time, like I should know what to say and do, but I don’t and spend most of the time guessing. My grandma had a badge that said, “It would be easier to play my part in life if I had a copy of the script.” That inspired this line.

“Imposter Syndrome” also has a music video to go along with it, which was directed by your longtime collaborator Kassandra Powell! What’s your favorite memory from filming that music video?

My favorite memory of that day was having some of my real life fans in the video! Fans could apply to be in the video, and we picked about 20 to come to the shoot and act as girli haters, protesting against me and holding up signs saying “you’re fake,” “fraud,” “imposter.” They had to scream at me, and then in between takes we’d hug it out and laugh.

Starting in just a couple days, you’re going on your ‘F**ked It Up’ tour! You’ll be kicking things off in Brooklyn, NY, on the 9th. I just saw your Instagram story about this tour coming at a really good time for you mentally. How excited are you for this tour, and how healing and rewarding is the whole process of touring for you?

We’re two shows into the tour so far, and it’s been literally like my wildest dreams come true. We played sold out shows in NY and Chicago, and singing to U.S. fans for the first time ever, some of whom have been listening to me since I started releasing music, it’s restored my faith in humanity. Music is so healing, and sharing stories, which I do in my songs, brings me and my fans together in the most beautiful way. Screaming at the top of our lungs about mental health, breakups, shitty friends, sexist bullshit, queer pride, it’s kind of like shared trauma and shared healing. I always hang around after the shows at the merch stand to say hi to fans, and at both shows it took two hours to say hi to everyone. Seeing how happy the fans are that I’ve finally come to the U.S. makes me so grateful and excited for more shows! 

Is there a city that you’re the most excited to visit?

I’m VERY hyped to play South by Southwest festival in Austin, Texas. I’ve brought a zebra print cowboy hat and purple cowboy boots just for the occasion.

Courtesy of Monika Wilczynska

Along with the ‘F**ked It Up’ tour, you’re also supporting alt-J at their shows in California. How did that tour collaboration with them come about?

It was actually so random! We hit up their manager to see if they had anyone supporting their West Coast shows, and turns out they didn’t. We were like, “Pretty please, can we?” And turns out they’re fans of my music and said yes! 

Which song of yours are you the most excited to play live at all of these shows?

I love playing “More Than A Friend,” because people go feral for that song. I can see in their faces they’re reliving the unrequited love story of their own life. It feels very personal. But I’m also hyped to play some unreleased songs on this tour and see how the crowds react!

I’m really, really loving your ‘I’m Obsessed With’ series on YouTube! The documentary style is so fun, and I especially love the one that just dropped about Sydney, Australia. How many other cities do you plan on doing videos like this for, and are there any upcoming videos already in the works? 

Thank you! We’ve shot episodes in Paris and Berlin, and we’re making an episode all about the U.S. tour too!

You’re also releasing a new single, “Cheap Love,” at the end of this month! I’m so excited! Is there anything you can tease about the concept of the song or what fans can expect from it?

I wrote “Cheap Love” about my first ever relationship I was in, when I was still a teenager. It’s about being in love on a budget, basically. Not having loads of money to take each other out for expensive dinners, or buy each other bougie gifts, or even having a car to pick them up in, but it doesn’t matter because being in love makes you feel richer than anyone else. It’s a cute love song and unlike a lot of the songs I release. It’s literally just a fun bop to dance around to minus any heavy or intense meaning [laughs]!

Is a “Cheap Love” music video potentially on the way as well?

YES. And I’m so excited about it. It’s a queer, neon, ‘90s-style biker romance directed by my amazing video director Kassandra Powell, and it’s EPIC.

Final question. What would you like to leave with fans about what they can expect from girli in 2023?

More feral shows, more relatable bops, and maybe a BIG announcement later in the year… 2023 is the year girli goes international!

girli’s new song, “Cheap Love,” is out now.

Article cover taken by Monika Wilczynska.