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The musical talent runs strong in the Yelich family!


Lorde‘s younger sister, India “Indy” Yelich O’Connor, is turning heads online after sharing a snippet of her own music project from quarantine. The 21-year-old poet and songstress uploaded the clip to her Instagram on Friday, April 18th, and fans are already asking when it’ll be put on streaming services.




Based on the one-minute snippet, the melancholy track appears to document the end of a romantic relationship as Indy sings about “awkward conversations” and a thousand goodbyes:


“Wish I could sit in bed with you, now we stare across the room

goodbye a thousand times, but it’s eating me alive

there’s nothing I can do about it

you and I

awkward conversations in the corner

you used to hold me

– – – –

where’d you go? drinking with your friends again?

didn’t try to find me, you know I got to catch a flight, it’s fine

I’ll never see your face again

wonder if it’s hard for you,

are you thinkin’ ’bout me too



Longtime fans of Indy are already well aware of her musical endeavors. The singer has been uploading snippets of music on her Instagram stories for close to a year now that feature a mix of indie, upbeat pop as well as an emotional piano ballad.





Indy made headlines in 2018 after releasing her first book of poetry, ‘Sticky Notes,’ which chronicles her experiences with “love, travel, and self-discovery in a shifting physical and emotional geography.” You can read more about the collection and Indy’s writing process in her Refinery29 profile from 2018.





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