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Regardless of your opinion, it’s safe to say that Selena Gomez will go down as one of the queens of the streaming era in its early years. Following her role on Disney Channel’s “Wizards of Waverly Place” and brief stint as the lead singer of Selena Gomez & the Scene, Gomez has established herself as an almost bulletproof force in dance-pop music scene. From the chill-pop, tropical sounds of “We Don’t Talk Anymore” and “Trust Nobody” to the nostalgic EDM hit “It Ain’t Me” and trap-pop bop “Fetish,” Gomez has amassed over 10 BILLION streams on Spotify alone with just two albums and expertly timed standalone singles.


With Gomez‘s highly-anticipated new studio album, ‘Rare’ dropping this week, Pop Crave is celebrating the singer’s return with a look back at her extensive single discography. Continue reading for our staff’s complete ranking of every official single since the beginning of the ‘Stars Dance’ era:



21. Taki Taki



“Taki Taki” does exactly what it needs to do in terms of delivering a 2018 summer Latin bop, but we’d be kidding ourselves by saying this megastar collaboration is one of Gomez‘s best singles. Reserved as the third and final guest verse, Gomez doesn’t get the space to properly shine in a way we know she’s capable of. We’ll always appreciate the song for its music video and the fan cams that have since spawned, though.



20. Anxiety



Gomez lends a guest verse to close friend and collaborator Julia Michaels on the vulnerable slow jam, “Anxiety.” Despite its lyrical content, “Anxiety” strangely feels like one of the most fun times Gomez has had behind the microphone. Even though it’s not at all representative of her brand as an artist, Gomez‘s feature on “Anxiety” stands out in her discography thanks to her loose, playful delivery that shows a brand new side of the vocalist.



19. I Can’t Get Enough



Gomez reunites with frequent collaborator Benny Blanco on the Latin-infused dance track, “I Can’t Get Enough” alongside J Balvin and producer Tainy. Like “Taki Taki,” “I Can’t Get Enough” does *just* enough in delivering a saucy dance-floor tune that’s ready for radio/streaming. Unfortunately, it provides little else in substance for Gomez fans when compared to the superstar’s other singles.



18. Kill Em With Kindness



Interestingly enough, the only single off of Gomez‘s blockbuster album ‘Revival’ to not enter the Hot 100 Top 10 was the most straightforward dance track of the bunch. Co-produced by hitmaker Benny Blanco, “Kill Em With Kindness” is a throwback pop anthem calling back to the days of “Slow Down” and “Forget Forever.” While it still feels a bit safe as a single choice, we’d be lying if we said we weren’t turning this jam up whenever it came on the radio.



17. Wolves



Gomez‘s prior collaborations with producers like Zedd, Kygo and Cashmere Cat made her Marshmello joint, “Wolves” one of the more exciting prospects in her discography upon its announcement – and it certainly didn’t disappoint. Amassing an impressive 800 MILLION streams alone on Spotify, this 2x PLATINUM certified single shows that Gomez can stand her ground as a vocalist against an EDM sound as overpowering as producer Marshmello‘s.



16. I Want You To Know



Gomez doubled down on her dance-pop sound following the success of “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down” with her guest spot on Zedd‘s EDM banger, “I Want You To Know.” While it doesn’t exactly move the needle in terms of the Top 40 EDM, this lead single from Zedd‘s 2015 album, ‘True Colors’ succeeds in delivering a proper club anthem and further branding Gomez as a dance-pop star.



15. Back to You



In a similar fashion to her smash hit, “It Ain’t Me” with Kygo, “Back To You” successfully delivers an acoustic, dance-pop track with an undeniably nostalgic feeling at its core. Serving as the lead single from the ’13 Reasons Why’ (Season 2) soundtrack, “Back To You” isn’t exactly an ode to the themes or story of the hit Netflix show. Instead, it served as a summer treat to quiet the fan army’s growing hunger that was much better than it ever needed to be.




14. It Ain’t Me



Gomez smashed her own streaming records with the Kygo-assisted “It Ain’t Me,” the unofficial lead single of the droplet era (“It Ain’t Me,” “Bad Liar,” “Fetish,” “Wolves,” “Back To You,” “Taki Taki,” “I Can’t Get Enough”). While the dance track incorporates many of the electro-pop, dance elements found in Gomez’s previous singles, “It Ain’t Me” stands apart from the pack thanks its nostalgic lyrical content and inspired melodic arrangement. It’s safe to say we’ll be listening to this track a lot more in the months to come thanks to its placement on the deluxe edition of ‘Rare.’



13. Fetish



Where were you when you first heard Selena Gomez sing the now infamous lyric, “If I were you, I’d do me“? On perhaps her most mature single to date, “Fetish” sees Gomez embrace a trap-pop sound that takes its sexually-charged lyrics to the next level on the Petra Collins-directed music video. While Gucci Mane almost feels shoehorned in here like a last minute addition, “Fetish” remains a must-listen bop in Gomez‘s discography.



12. Look at Her Now



Gomez further evolves her dance-pop sound on the excellent single, “Look at Her Now.” Dropped just one day after the somber “Lose You To Love Me,” “Look at Her Now” is a declaration of growth amid heartbreak that features some of the most impressive and forward-thinking EDM production of any Gomez joint. In addition to being a vocal production marvel, “Look at Her Now” also serves as an uplifting second chapter to “LYTLM” that will surely hit even harder in the context of a full album.




11. Slow Down



The second single off of ‘Stars Dance,’ “Slow Down,” helped to lay the groundwork for Gomez‘s signature brand of EDM dance anthems. Peaking at #26 on the Billboard Hot 100, “Slow Down” serves as an excellent example of Gomez blending her Disney channel image with the more mature lyrical content of her budding solo career. We definitely wouldn’t mind another collaboration between Gomez and the single’s producer team, The Cataracts tailored for the 2020 pop scene.



10. Trust Nobody



Selena Gomez delivers another slice of tropical, electro-pop heaven as a featured artist on Cashmere Cat‘s “Trust Nobody” with Torey Lanez. Serving as the second single from Cat‘s debut studio album, ‘9,’ “Trust Nobody” deserved the proper single promo thanks to its breezy production and great vocal chemistry between its two leads.




9. Good For You



Gomez reached new commercial heights with the ‘Revival’ lead single, “Good For You” featuring A$AP Rocky. Peaking at #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 (a career-best at the time for Gomez), the collaboration went on to be certified 3x PLATINUM and accumulate nearly half a billion streams on Spotify. The single made for a confident introduction into the ‘Revival’ era that saw Gomez evolving in her vocal production and overall pop image.



8. We Don’t Talk Anymore



Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez make for an oddly compelling musical pairing on the tropical house-inspired single, “We Don’t Talk Anymore.” With its breezy chorus and smooth production, the track has managed to translate its light weight tone into serious streaming numbers on Spotify (over 930 MILLION to date). Gomez makes the most out of a guest appearance that could’ve easily been a throwaway, high-profile feature for the sake of promo.



7. Same Old Love



Selena Gomez’s Top 5 hit, “Same Old Love” became what was perhaps her most inescapable hit thanks to its radio domination and and killer earworm of a hook. Co-written by the prolific Charli XCX, “Same Old Love” trades the breathy and atmospheric tone of “Good For You” for elements of jazz, electro-pop and even trap music. The track today remains a signature hit in Gomez‘s lengthy discography, and for good reason.



6. Rare



If you’re going to name your first album in nearly half a decade after its opening track, then that song better be good. Thankfully, “Rare” is worth the wait. This blissful self-love anthem strikes the perfect balance between Gomez‘s dance floor tracks and her more downbeat, intimate cuts to earn its rightful spot as the third album single. While Stan Twitter continues to argue over whether the song originated with Charli XCX, Madison Beer or both, we’re just happy to see that it was finally released from songwriting purgatory.




5. The Heart Wants What It Wants



“The Heart Wants What It Wants” served as the definitive breakup song in Gomez‘s discography up until her #1 smash this year, “Lose You To Love Me.” Going against the dance-ready sound of her prior singles “Come & Get It” and “Slow Down,” “THWWIW” sees Gomez coming to terms with the fact that the heart can sometimes lead you in the wrong direction. The mid-tempo track gave Gomez the opportunity to put her vocals in the spotlight as well as show off a more vulnerable side in the official music video.



4. Come & Get It



Selena Gomez kicked off her solo career with a bang on her first-ever Billboard Hot 100 Top 10 entry, “Come & Get It.” Infused with elements of the Bhangra genre, this electro-pop dance anthem co-written by Ester Dean helped launch Gomez to a new level of music stardom. Despite Gomez‘s recent comments to the Wall Street Journal that the song’s messaging doesn’t resonate with her today, this track nevertheless remains a fan favorite among her legion of fans today. To put it plainly, it’s catchy as hell.



3. Lose You To Love Me



Gomez‘s first career #1 single on the Hot 100 reached the chart’s summit for good reason. Following her unofficial “droplet era,” “Lose You To Love Me” served as the long-awaited #SG2 lead single that saw Gomez reconnecting with fans on her most vulnerable track to date. Co-written by Justin Tranter and Julia Michaels with accompanying production by Finneas O’Connell, “LYTLM” was the ultimate gift to fans considering Gomez‘s long silence on the tabloid headlines surrounding her over the past couple years.



2. Bad Liar



“Bad Liar” stands out among the “droplet era” singles with production that’s unusually bare for a pop force as big as Gomez. Riding off a rumbling bassline sampling “Psycho Killer” by the Talking Heads along with a snappy drum beat, Gomez succeeds in delivering a signature pop song that plays directly to her strengths as a performer. With her icy vocal delivery and a sound that skirts the Top 40 checklist, “Bad Liar” didn’t find the chart success many had originally expected. Thankfully, this joint continues to find new, appreciative fans over time on its songwriting and pop music merits alone.



1. Hands to Myself



Gomez solidified herself as a true pop force with her third ‘Revival’ single, “Hands To Myself,” co-produced by the legendary Max Martin. Despite it being a Max Martin joint, “Hands To Myself” features minimalistic production that capitalizes on Gomez‘s magnetic vocal delivery behind the mic. Gomez herself has described the track as “probably the best song” on ‘Revival,’ and she isn’t wrong. The track deserves a high-ranking alone for what was possibly the best bridge in pop music in 2016: “I mean I could but why would I want to?




What are your favorite Selena Gomez singles? Share your thoughts with us on Twitter at @PopCrave!