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Music is an ever-changing art. It has transitioned and metamorphosed over the decades and continues to evolve alongside technology. “Running Back”, the latest single from Prentiss, exemplifies modern-day music in its current form. It mixes a lively beat, processed sweetly with an added light guitar strum, and lyrics that are both personal yet perhaps universal. The listener enters the song ready for a fun, lighthearted one minute and 52 seconds. However, “Running Back” contrasts its beat with lyrics that display an air of self-awareness impressive for a 15-year-old. Prentiss sings about his inability to stay away and the hold that the comfort of familiarity has over him. His stylistic choice in enunciation helps the lyrics to flow seamlessly while also reminding the listener of his young age, making the track all-the-more impressive.

The instrumental continues to build throughout the song, transporting the listener into Prentiss‘ world. The growing chaos that comes with the percussion introduced in the second verse alludes to his experience in his own headspace. It’s loud and almost distracting, yet adds another layer to the track. Combining the song’s short runtime and homemade feel of the beat, Prentiss seems likely to follow in the footsteps of PinkPantheress. A new star for Gen Z. “Running Back” has an authenticity that appeals to the TikTok generation. It’s pushing music forward, walking (well, running) hand-in-hand with sounds that will define this period in music. Moreover, the drop into the chorus is a trend waiting to happen. It’s buoyant, breezy and energetic, and we can’t help but anticipate the dance trend that will follow it. Undoubtedly, the song has everything needed to secure a hit in the modern music climate.

We’re sure that listeners will be “Running Back” to hear more from Prentiss after this track.

Listen now, check out its music video with a Benny Blanco cameo: