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Demi Lovato has an idea so wild, you’d think it was a piece of Stan Twitter fan fiction.


In a new interview with Ashley Graham on “Pretty Big Deal,” the singer opened up about how today’s toxic social media landscape has left her feeling unsupported by certain corners of the internet. Lovato said she wishes today’s pop stars acted more like a “sisterhood” that operated under a common set of goals and values.


Lovato revealed to Graham that she’s talked with Sam Smith about organizing a retreat where the world’s biggest pop stars could bond and discuss ways to wield their influence:


“I’ve actually talked about it with Sam Smith, getting just a bunch of pop stars together,” Lovato said. “We were like, we should just plan a little pop star retreat where we get all of the influential singers today, we go on vacation somewhere… then we thought, no we should go camping, because it’d be really funny to have a whole campground full of security guards and then a whole campground full of pop stars. And like, we have to build our own tents and stuff, it would just be amazing. It would be really great.”




Lovato goes on to detail the overall mission behind the retreat:


“I think it would be really important and really empowering, important to come together and figure out like a universal message – what is our goal as artists? Yes, our goal is to sell tons of records and sell tons of tickets, whatever. But what is our actual goal? As the generation that is leading people today through music, how are we going to make a difference….And how can we stick together? I think that’s really important.”


A pop star summit is as wild as it is unlikely, but we’re here for any idea that could potentially unite the fandoms on Stan Twitter.


The 45-minute interview also covers Lovato‘s thoughts on body positivity, experience with bullying in school, love for Will Ferrell and much more. Check out the full interview below:



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