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Rising star Ava Max addressed the elephant in the room Wednesday evening when she acknowledged the delay of her debut studio album via Twitter.


Best known for her worldwide smash hit “Sweet But Psycho,” Max has cultivated a devoted fandom with a string of subsequent singles such as “Torn,” “Freaking Me Out,” “So Am I” and several collaborations. The glitzy, radio-friendly tracks promise a return to the pop golden years of Lady Gaga & Katy Perry, making the wait for her debut album that much more agonizing among pop heads.


In a streaming-heavy era where singles seem to being prioritized above full-length projects, the drawn out release strategy for Max‘s debut album has worried corners of her fandom. The singer has dropped enough songs for a full-length project since the release of “Sweet But Psycho” in August of 2018, a warning sign to some listeners that the album is being re-tooled as executives try to figure out how to market Max.


According to Max, though, this isn’t the case. On Wednesday, the singer acknowledged concerns about the album delay while insisting that fans just have to wait “a little longer”:




Max goes on to explain that she’s taking her time to ensure the album has no “filler” tracks, describing the project as “insane.”




Learn more about Max‘s potential collaboration with Bebe Rexha & Dua Lipa as well as what to expect from her debut album in our October interview.


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