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Sean Kingston is a singer-songwriter and rapper with roots in Kingston, Jamaica and Miami, Florida. He rose to prominence in mid-late 00’s with the #1 hit “Beautiful Girls,” and the follow up hits, “Fire Burning,” “Take You There,” and the Justin Bieber collab, “Eenie Meenie.” After taking a break from the music industry, he just release his summery new track, “Peace of Mind.” PopCrave catches up with Sean to learn more about his break and new music. 


You’ve been out of the music scene for a minute. How do you think you’ve grown or changed as an artist during that time?

I been around the world and seen it all, but been out the music industry for a few years has humbled me, taught me patience, I’ve grown into a man.



How did you know “Peace of Mind” was the right track to return with?

“Peace of Mind” was the right track to return with. It’s a happy, feel good, beach bounce and summer is here.


With Kingston’s summery sound and happy-go-lucky attitude, casual fans might not realize that in 2010, Kingston was involved in a serious Jet Ski incident in Miami that left him in critical condition. 



Back in 2010, you went through a jet ski accident. Did that experience change your perspective on life at all?

The jet ski accident has definitely changed my perspective on life. I almost died, I had two open heart surgeries…here today, gone tomorrow, so while I’m here I want to make a difference.


At the height Kingston’s stardom, he was involved in quite a few collaborations. He cut tracks with Nicki Minaj, Natasha Bedingfield, and Cher Lloyd to name just a few. But perhaps most remembered is his 2010 Justin Bieber collab, “Eenie Meenie.”


You’ve seem to have remained close with former collaborator Justin Bieber. How would you describe that friendship?

I’m very close to Justin we talk and text on the phone a lot. He is the definition of a friend in need and is a friend indeed.



Kingston’s iconic hits like “Beautiful Girls” and  “Fire Burning” are signature songs to a generation that came of age in the early-mid 00’s. Perhaps in 2019 Kingston can get a piece of the media nostalgia trend.


There seems to be a huge nostalgia trend in the zeitgeist at the moment, with the Jonas Brothers returning to the top of the charts as just one example. Was that trend something on your mind as your prepared for your comeback?

My fans kept asking and I was ready to put out happy, feel good music again.


Sean new’s single “Peace of Mind” is now streaming on all platforms.