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Review: ‘Scream VI’

“I’m something… different.” After everyone has their first watch of Scream VI this opening weekend, one thing will become very clear: Scream is the horror

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Paul Tremblay Talks ‘Knock at the Cabin’ Adaptation

For Paul Tremblay, 2023 has been a dream come true. His beloved horror novel, The Cabin at the End of the World, is now a

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Pop Crave Exclusive: M3GAN Interview

M3GAN is right. She truly is A.I.conic. And we are totally not just saying that because she threated to kill us backstage. With the legendary

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Review: Hulu’s ‘Hellraiser’

“What is it you pray for?” In what TikTok user Nirupam calls the “White People Can’t Leave Shit Alone” subgenre of horror, the new reboot

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Review: A24’s ‘Bodies Bodies Bodies’

“Let her have her podcast!” Dripping with Gen Z satire, queer energy, and a whole lot of bloody murder, Halina Reijn’s Bodies Bodies Bodies is