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There’s no better way to watch tonight’s season finale of Survivor 44 than to attend the watch party taking place at Casa Martin in Santa Monica, CA, from 6pm to 12am PST!

Not only is the event star-studded with reality TV contestants from shows like Big Brother, The Challenge, The Real World, The Circle, Survivor, and more, but all of the money raised from the event is going toward an incredible charity. Give Kids The World Village, a nonprofit organization based in Florida, has provided over 177,000 critically ill children and their families with custom wish vacations at no cost.

Hosted by reality television OG Syrus Yarbrough and Survivor queen Lauren-Ashley Beck, the vibes are guaranteed to be immaculate, and fans will have an absolute blast from start to finish.

Syrus Yarbrough shared his excitement with Pop Crave about hosting the Survivor 44 Finale Watch Party tonight. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Syrus! It’s so great to be able to chat with you today. Tomorrow, you’ll be presenting the Survivor 44 Finale Watch Party alongside Lauren-Ashley Beck! How excited are you to host this party and to meet all the fans?

I’m so excited! It’s a real cool thing. I think that you can align yourself with different projects that actually affect people’s lives, and being able to give back to the kids, it’s just phenomenal. But more importantly, I mean, I get a chance to meet some Survivors and be up close and personal. I’ve carved my way in the industry and kind of been known for doing events for different casts, shows, and so forth, and so this is just another chip on my shoulder. I’m loving being involved with the Survivor crew.

Now, this isn’t just any party. It’s a charitable party that will be raising lots of money for Give Kids The World Village, which is a nonprofit that has provided support to over 177,000 critically ill children and their families. What is it that you love about this charity in particular, and how does it feel to know that this watch party will be supporting so many kids across the country?

Well, my thing is, like, it’s one thing to just support the kids. Knowing a few terminally ill kids, some of them feel alone, and they feel lonely. What this particular thing does is that we actually send the families with them to enjoy the experience. So, I think that’s a beautiful thing to do. Just knowing there’s so many people right now that are in not so great financial situations, and we’re able to help out with that, and to be able to put together an event that just has so much positive energy around it, that’s all I’m about. I want to spread the positivity. I believe strongly in karma, I believe strongly in just giving back, and it would make no sense for me to be a successful person if I’m not helping other people, because then what’s the point? Being in the cipher, once you get in that zone and you’re able to create the positive force field around you, it definitely passes on to the next person, then the next person, then the next person. My other half is one of my, shall I say, most positive things that I can ever look at throughout my entire life. It makes me want to be more positive, spread more love, and just keep love around us, man. It’s too much bad going on these days, not to give up. And the kids are our future. Let’s give the kids a good time and make sure that they can enjoy themselves with their families.

There are so many reality TV stars attending this party tomorrow. Is there anyone attending that you’re super excited to catch up with or meet for the first time?

You know, I’ve got this thing that I’m doing. I mean, a lot of people don’t know, but I build this as a Real World vs. The Challenge vs. Survivor vs. Big Brother vs. American Idol. I’m bringing them all out. I’m bringing all of these different reality stars out. So, I got my buddy Frankee Razor from American Idol. He’s gonna come out. Lord knows what he’s gonna do. He’s always a good time. And a couple of other shows too. There could be some Temptation Island there, there could be some Naked and Afraid. When it’s a Syrus event, they’re going to come out. So, you know, I’m happy to be a part of this, aligning myself definitely with some really cool people, and having a good time.

So, this party is to also celebrate and watch the finale of Survivor’s 44th season. I have to ask, how have you been enjoying this season so far? Do you have a favorite player or a prediction on who you think is going to take home the win?

You know, if you have a prediction and you put it out there, I think it affects what’s going to happen on the show. It affects the watching pleasure. Like, we got some fans that are coming out with us, and they’re going to sit with us and experience exactly what’s going on with the show. I think that’s a beautiful thing. For me, the excitement around watching the show with awesome fans is always a beautiful thing, and I think each season of the show just gets better. Like, how could you not be checking out Survivor, you know? The competitions are cool, the people are great characters, and I think it’s just one of those shows. It’s lasted 44 seasons for a reason.

Final question. You’re one of the OGs of reality television, making history with The Real World: Boston. Now that there’s so many more shows and people who have undergone the reality TV experience, how would you say it’s been watching the reality TV community change and grow over the years?

First and foremost, I think reality TV is definitely in a different place now than it was then. As you know, I coined myself as the first Black reality TV star. This is all I’ve done since the show, and when I think of where it is nowadays, it is definitely different than it used to be. There’s definitely a lot of shows. I think the personalities that they cast for earlier on was slightly different than they do now. I think then it was drama, but it was unfabricated drama. Now, we all know that there’s a huge group of reality, and everybody’s competing to be the best, the biggest, the baddest, the drama-est, whatever you want to call it. We didn’t really have that back then. It didn’t feel that way, it didn’t seem that way. You know, I worked behind the scenes for a lot of shows too, and I actually have written several shows that I’m pitching and so forth. So, I have my finger on the pulse of reality TV, and being the OG – or Triple G, that is – I’m enjoying this 25+ year ride that I’ve been on, and I’m creating some new things too. Stay tuned. I got something really big that people are going to love. I mean, in the final touches now, and I hope to be ready to go by summertime, or should I say mid-summertime? And keep a watch on me. Check me out on the platforms, man. It’s @SyrusMTV on everything. Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, all that good stuff. You can find me. I’m not too hard to find.

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