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Fresh off her new EP, “Why Do I Laugh When I Cry?,” Nashville based artist, Stef, debuts a brand new video for her song “SOUR.” The visually stunning music video is directed by Bryant Bural and captures the lyrics of the pop song perfectly.


We caught up with Stef earlier this month and discussed how important visuals are to her overall creation. “Visuals are the number one thing for me. When I talk I see things. When I write, I write based off of what I see in my head when we are telling the story and writing to the track. Visuals visual visuals all day long. My brand has really developed off of what I love and what I feel is the most me. Visuals are adapted from my brand I’ve developed for myself,” says Stef.



For those who are still getting to know Stef, she describes her sound as dark pop. Her country song writing roots have heavily influenced her lyrics for songs like “SOUR.” She’s obsessed with a play on words and loves a strong hook. If you like “SOUR”, make sure you stream Stef’s new EP, “Why Do I Laugh When I Cry?” and follow her on Instagram.



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