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Grandma is a rising artist from Atlanta, Georgia with a distinct sound. He embodies the DIY attitude by writing, singing, programming, arranging, producing and mixing all of his own tracks. We caught up with this exciting artist to chat and exclusively premiere the new video for his single “Elastic.”



What’s the inspiration behind your new song, “Elastic?”

Sonically I wanted the song to feel like the sunlight overtaking the listener with its warmth. The hook is about how my mind can be all over the place and dig myself in deep holes, but regardless, you keep doing you because it helps me see the light.


The video has a really stylized aesthetic. How did this come to be?

I worked with Joel (the director) for hours on finding the right look. We eventually sided with using datamoshing and dead pixels because the song also touches on relationships that exist online.


For people not familiar, how would you describe yourself and sound? 

At its most broad I would describe my music as alternative pop. I love exploring and getting to know every genre.


What’s coming up next for you?

This next project, “Even If We Don’t Get It Together” it takes dives into modern psychedelic, soul, experimental electronic music, and new wave.


Stream Grandma here.