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EXO member Lay Zhang has been putting out his own music for quite a few years as LAY, with several hit singles, EPs, and albums under his belt. Making his artist debut 10 years ago, he has created a name for himself as an excellent performer, vocalist, philanthropist, actor, producer, and fashion icon. If his more recent music releases are any indication, it is clear that he was born to become a global pop star.

The multi-talented singer from China is not just another name – he is the name. Amassing over 51 million followers on Weibo and 14.2 million followers on Instagram, there is no stopping LAY from reaching world domination with his energetic music, impressive vocals, and breathtaking visuals. He has already made history as the highest-ranked Mandopop star on the Billboard 200 chart, and he is also the first-ever Chinese artist to break the Top 60 on U.S. iTunes.

LAY’s new EP, West, is a follow-up to last year’s EP titled East. The five-song project includes some of his best work yet, with tracks like “Veil” becoming instant fan favorites. The song also features a music video that is sure to captivate audiences with its stunning imagery and incredible choreography.

LAY recently told Pop Crave about the concept behind the new music video for “Veil” and how he wanted to showcase the song’s story through dance. Check out the exclusive quote below!

Pop Crave: What was your inspiration behind the concept for the “Veil” music video?

LAY: This music video concept has been on my mind that I wanted to create but took time to make it happen. I wanted it to be colorful and expressive, yet genuine at the same time to really capture the essence of the story that I was telling. For the Chinese, “West” is always an imaginative word. So, I wanted to put my own spin on the imagination and include the Chinese traditional instruments for the vibe I was going for. The music video has a lot of choreography that you’ll see throughout. It took a lot of planning in advance to carefully map out how I want to show the story through dance.

LAY’s new EP, West, is out now.

Article cover taken by Zhang Yixing Studio.