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K-pop group VERIVERY have had a lot going on within the past year. After finishing off their first album series in April with SERIES ‘O’ [ROUND 3 : WHOLE], which was part of the group’s exploration into the elements of love, VERIVERY then went on to meet fans across the globe with their PAGE : O Tour. Now, the group has returned just a couple months later to introduce a new chapter that’s exploring the elements of happiness.

Released earlier this month, Liminality – EP.LOVE is VERIVERY’s latest single album that includes two brand new songs, “Tap Tap” and “Motive.” The tracks sound completely different from one another, as one dives into a cutesier side of love while the other grasps onto a much more intense side of love. “Tap Tap” is the leading title track, and it comes with a phenomenal music video that’s covered in gorgeous 3D animation and joyful, glistening visuals.

Pop Crave asked VERIVERY about their new single album, Liminality – EP.LOVE, their creative new music video for “Tap Tap,” and their hopes to meet more VERRER (fans) from across the globe soon. Keep reading for the full interview!

Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

Hi VERIVERY! Congratulations on the release of your new single album, Liminality – EP.LOVE! What has the fan reception been like since releasing this project to the world?

VERIVERY: We’ve come back with a bright and refreshing song and concept after a long time since our debut, and thankfully we think that our fans are loving it. We are having such a grateful day because they gave us so much love that we were able to hit the top of one of the music streaming sites.

“Tap Tap” is an amazing focus track! What was it like getting to work on such a joyful and fun song?

DONGHEON: We had a lot of fun recording such a bright song. Recording the narrations in particular was a unique experience as it felt like I was speaking into the mic.

HOYOUNG: As we were preparing a much brighter song, the whole process was more exciting and enjoyable. I laughed a lot while practicing the especially cheerful choreography.

MINCHAN: I was really excited while recording the title track as it was our first comeback with a livelier concept in a while. I tried really hard to make my voice sound bubbly, and I was pretty satisfied with the result.

GYEHYEON: I think I tend to focus on the recording more when working on a bright song. It’s good to be excited while recording, but you need to get that feeling of excitement across to the listeners as well, so I focused a lot on how to do so.

YEONHO: I always think it’s important to focus on my expressions and attitude while working on these types of songs. In my opinion, the choreography and gestures need little highlights throughout. Therefore, I worked a lot on those points, and I felt pretty elated while working since we hadn’t worked on a vibrant song in a while.

YONGSEUNG: It was quite easy to imagine what the performances were going to look like while recording the track or filming the music video. I was eager to go up on stage as soon as possible, and I’m glad to be showing off our performances so much these days.

KANGMIN: The recording process in general was pretty smooth. “Tap Tap” is a very joyful song as you’ve stated, so I tried my best to focus on that joy while recording.

The “Tap Tap” music video also exudes such happy energy! How cool was it getting to see all of the 3D animations in the video for the first time?

VERIVERY: There was no CG when we were filming back then, so we just had fun and hung out together. When we watched our music video for the first time, it was very cute, and we thought that the CG made our happy moments look even happier, so we really liked it. The scene where our energy shoots through the roof and creates the heart-shaped fireworks was especially pretty.

What was your favorite scene you got to work on for the “Tap Tap” music video?

VERIVERY: As the song itself has a bright mood, we strongly felt that we were playing around more compared to when we filmed the music videos of our other title tracks. We got to ride mini cars, play basketball together, and just enjoyed a good time. Having fun with members while shooting was very memorable for us, and those scenes in the music video reflect our happiness well, so we’re very satisfied with it. 

“Motive” is the second focus track from your new single album! What does the song personally mean to you?

DONGHEON: When I first heard the demo for “Motive,” I felt that it was a very ambitious song. I think it really embodies our team’s musical growth and journey moving forward.

HOYOUNG: I really tried to contain my overflowing love for VERRER through this song.

MINCHAN: It gave me a peculiar and somewhat mysterious vibe because the song itself is very powerful, but at the same time it talks about love in its lyrics.

GYEHYEON: I think it’s a great song to perform. It’d be a great opportunity for us to be able to perform “Motive” on stage someday.

YEONHO: I think “Motive” is a very cool song. I think the highlight of the song is the harmony between hard-hitting beats or melody and the lyrics that focus on intense love.

YONGSEUNG: I first thought that the overall mood of the song doesn’t go well with the concept of this album which is “love,” but as I wrote the lyrics and worked more on the song, I grew to really like the song.

KANGMIN: “Motive” is a song that shows VERRER a new way of expressing our love for them.

How do you think “Tap Tap” and “Motive” connect with one another to form this single album?

VERIVERY: We think the main way that they connect is through the fact that even though they are two very different songs in terms of their mood or genre, they still both represent VERIVERY’s unique expression of the emotion, “love,” through our very own color. While “Tap Tap” represents a cutesier, happier side of love, “Motive” shows off a more intense type of love, and it’s interesting that they still revolve around the idea of “love.” We think it’d also be fun for the listeners to compare how the tracks differ in their form of expression as they listen to the album.

Which VERIVERY song has been your favorite to learn choreography for?

DONGHEON: I enjoyed learning “Heart Attack” because it had a simple and sexy mood of the choreography compared to the strong and bright choreographies that we normally do.

HOYOUNG: “Ring Ring Ring” was my favorite. I really enjoyed it while thinking of our debut.

MINCHAN: I want to express our choreography for all our songs very well, and I personally think that choreography is what we must do very well, so I’m always nervous when learning.

GYEHYEON: When we were learning the choreography for “Tap Tap,” I felt genuinely excited and fun during the whole process.

YEONHO: I had so much fun when learning “Tap Tap.” I still remember the quote, “Dance needs to be alive,” from our teacher when he was teaching us.

YONGSEUNG: “Get Away” is my favorite. It was especially fun when we were working together with the dancers.

KANGMIN: I had fun learning “Undercover.”

In the first chapter of VERIVERY’s career, you were exploring elements of love. Now you are exploring elements of happiness! How do you think the elements of both love and happiness work together to represent VERIVERY?

DONGHEON: I think our team handles diverse and complex feelings in music. In the end, I think the mix of various emotions expresses our team. Rather than talking about certain feelings, I think we’re closer to including and expressing various images and emotions.

HOYOUNG: VERIVERY is more like a family and has great teamwork, so I think we’re understanding and expressing the concept very well.

MINCHAN: We’ve come back with a refreshing concept after a long time, and I think we’re showing our bright energy very well.

GYEHYEON: If you look at our stage, you may notice that a boy group, VERIVERY, is the definition of happiness and love. As we’re delivering love, one of the elements of happiness, we prepared and worked hard to let the audience feel the same, so please show us lots of interest.

YEONHO: I personally think there’s love in the elements of happiness, so that’s why we included love in our title track, “Tap Tap.” It’s a little different love from the love we tried to express during our debut era, so we tried to show lovely and happy feelings to express the love that is in the chapter of happiness. I think this album is expressing “bright VERIVERY” and “cheerful and happy VERIVERY.”

YONGSEUNG: You can see endlessly bright VERIVERY through this album with the combination of those two elements, love and happiness.

KANGMIN: Because it contains the bright and delightful side of our group, I believe this has represented VERIVERY very well.

YONGSEUNG // Courtesy of Jellyfish Entertainment

You recently toured the world with your incredible PAGE : O Tour! How special was it getting to meet your international fans in places like the U.S. and Latin America?

VERIVERY: PAGE : O concert was our second solo show in overseas countries, and it was a great opportunity to visit many more cities than the last year, even visiting Latin America and meeting more fans in different regions. We received such strong energy from our fans as they had amazing passion. They created their own costumes, waited in line in the very early morning to meet us, cheered for our every single word, sang along, and danced together. Every moment is just embedded in our memory.

Is there somewhere you haven’t toured yet that you would like to visit?

VERIVERY: We’d love to visit any place where there are people who love us. If we get an opportunity to communicate and meet our fans from all around the world, we will definitely go anywhere.

Is there anything you can tell fans about what they can expect from VERIVERY in the near future?

VERIVERY: We’re currently working hard with our third single album, Liminality – EP.LOVE, and its title track, “Tap Tap,” so please look forward to our promotions. As we’ve said earlier, we hope to meet VERRERs all around the world as soon as we can, so please give lots of love to VERIVERY and “Tap Tap” until then! Hope to see you all soon!!

VERIVERY’s new single album, Liminality – EP.LOVE, is out now.