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Looking for this year’s summer anthem? Well, look no further. Nonô just dropped the perfect song for a party in the sun, and the track also includes a feature from the incredibly talented Baby Tate.

“ATM” is the latest single from Brazilian pop star Nonô, who raps and sings Portuguese, Spanish, and English – yes, a total of three different languages – in just one song. Now residing in London, Nonô continues to gain traction as an up-and-coming name within the global music industry. Her star is only continuing to brighten, and her most recent releases solidify that in every way possible.

Pop Crave chatted with Nonô about her new song, “ATM,” collaborating with Baby Tate, and what her favorite music videos were while growing up. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Nonô! Congratulations on the release of your amazing new song, “ATM,” featuring Baby Tate. How fun has it been getting to see how your fans have been reacting to the song since its release?

It’s been a lot of fun seeing everyone’s reaction because it’s a track that is quite different from what I’ve recently been releasing, plus it’s the first time I’m mixing Portuguese, Spanish, and English in a song, so it’s all very exciting!

How would you describe the meaning behind “ATM” and what the track personally means to you?

“ATM” is about being a provider and sharing your fortune, material and non-material, with your loved ones! It means a lot to me because this is what I was taught growing up, especially by the women in my family, and so I wanted this song to be a tribute to them.

What’s your favorite lyric from “ATM”?

If money goes to waste, that’s a pecado / Get everyone around me a pedaço,” which basically translates to, “It’s a sin to let money go to waste; instead, I’d give everyone around me a piece.”

The song features Baby Tate, who flows so well on the track with you! How did a collaboration with her come about?

When I showed the song to my label, they loved it, but we both thought something was missing, and the idea of having a feature came about. I really wanted to share the song with a fellow female artist, and I’ve been a longtime fan of Tate’s, so we just took a shot and emailed to see what she thought about the song, and luckily she really liked it!

What’s your favorite memory from working with Baby Tate on either the song or music video?

We were both freezing during the video, but we were trying to laugh the pain away and distract ourselves with the props that we had at our disposal, so if you look closely in the video, you’ll see I’m always holding the cake and Tate is peeling and playing with an orange [laughs].

The music video for “ATM” is so much fun! How did the concept for the music video come about?

Thanks! I really wanted the video to go hand in hand with the meaning of the song, and so it is a celebration of being able to take care and provide for family and friends, showing a glance of what my life was like growing up in Brazil. We wanted to shine a light on the different types of fortune, be it the relationship you have with family and friends or any material abundance. My label introduced me to Christian, the director, and his work. Plus, the fact he’s also a Latino really resonated with me. For “ATM,” he really understood the balance of a hard-hitting video with the softness and emotional side of family.

What were some of your favorite music videos to watch while growing up?

There are so many, but for now I’ll choose “Telephone” by Lady Gaga and Beyoncé, “Don’t Phunk With My Heart” by Black Eyed Peas, “So What” by P!nk, “Na Sua Estante” by Pitty, “Smile” by Lily Allen, and “Without Me” by Eminem.

Aside from “ATM,” do you have a favorite song from your own discography?

Really hard to choose from my children [laughs], but I love my previous single “Good Times” as it always puts me in a good mood, and it was my first solo release to reach one million streams.

Being from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, how would you say that cultural heritage has impacted the way you create and stylize your music?

I believe the influence is quite prominent in the way I create melodies and write lyrics. I always like to draw inspiration from Portuguese and also events/places I used to go to growing up.

What would you say are some of the biggest similarities and differences between living in Rio de Janeiro and living in London?

Biggest difference is 100% the weather! In some places in Brazil, we joke about not having different seasons throughout the year. It just varies from summer to winter. But in London, we actually get every season. Biggest similarity, I’d say, is the bustling art/music scene, and also both places have a lot of tourists [laughs].

Over the past year, you’ve performed at several shows and festivals! What’s been one of your favorite memories from performing this past year?

One of my favorite memories was a show I did supporting Example in London, and the crowd was so much fun! They were singing and dancing to all my songs, and if you’ve ever played London, you know how hard it can be to get people moving [laughs]. So, that moment was definitely special and one of my favorites.

If you could perform anywhere in the world that you haven’t been to yet, where would it be?

I’d love to go and play New York, but also I’d love to play Seoul and Mexico City.

“ATM” has only increased the anticipation for even more music from Nonô in 2023! Is there anything you can share about what else you might have in store for fans this year?

I can’t give away too many spoilers, but there is so much music coming out this year. Loads. Very Brazilian influenced and definitely some more dance music!

Nonô’s new song, “ATM” featuring Baby Tate, is out now.