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It truly feels like there’s nothing Mo Heart can’t do.

After a few appearances as a contestant on multiple variations of RuPaul’s Drag Race, Mo Heart has become a phenomenon within the world of artistry and entertainment. Since her run on UK vs the World, where she made it all the way to the finale, Mo has continued to press down on the accelerator.

Just last week, she released her new song, “Mo Stunning,” with fellow artists Charlie Xile and Oliver Twixt. Mo has also been the host of Amazon Music’s The Walk In, which is now in the middle of its fourth season. The series looks into the wardrobes of famous artists, examining how their music connects to their biggest fashion statements. In this most recent season, Mo has already chatted with artists like Shania Twain, Ava Max, and Macklemore.

Additionally, Mo’s been elevating herself to new heights while simultaneously uplifting and supporting queer talent from across the globe. She’s currently managing drag artists like Luxx Noir London and Robin Fierce under her very own agency, Mo-Gul Entertainment, which is sure to do even more incredible things as the year progresses.

Mo Heart spoke with Pop Crave about her new song, “Mo Stunning,” hosting Season 4 of Amazon Music’s The Walk In, and her decision to manage other artists under her own agency, Mo-Gul Entertainment. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Mo! Thank you so much for chatting with me today, and congratulations on all of your recent success! In five words, how would you describe how 2023 has been treating you so far?

Hi, thank you so much. I’m so excited to be speaking with you today. I think so far I would describe my 2023 as blessed, favored, thankful, fruitful, and becoming.

Season 4 of The Walk In is dropping very soon, May 1! In what ways would you say this season differs from the past three seasons?

As the show grows and gains more popularity, more of the artists who come on the show are very excited to meet me and talk about their lives, their inspirations, and passions.  

Whose closet are you most excited for fans to see from Season 4?

I’m thrilled to see Flo Milli, Trixie Mattel, and Big Freedia’s closets!

From the past three seasons, is there someone whose wardrobe blew you away the most?

Definitely Katy Perry’s! Just seeing the construction of the garments that she uses to perform at her baby shower was very, very, very cool!

What’s the best life advice or fun fact you’ve gotten from one of your special guests on the show?

Usually, my guests say to make sure to follow your passions and to live in your truth!

Mo Heart and Shania Twain // Amazon Music’s ‘The Walk In’

You interview a lot of music stars on The Walk In, but you’re also a music star yourself! How would you say your music connects to your own wardrobe?

The fact that I started out as a drag queen, baby, the look always has to be together! You have to make sure that sparkles is the statement piece and that it allows you to move and feel the groove.

Your new song, “Mo Stunning” feat. Charlie Xile and Oliver Twixt, releases May 12! How would you describe the song and what it personally means to you?

It’s simply a fun, upbeat song for the summer. I wanted to share my platform with young, queer, Black individuals to help give them a little extra shine and a push as they chase their dreams.

What’s your favorite lyric from “Mo Stunning”?

My favorite lyric is, “Call me Triple A, Mo’s here to save the day.” I’ve always felt that God’s purpose for me in life was to help others, whether that be with Mo-Gul Entertainment, helping those that are closest to me, or even helping lift up people’s spirits with my music. I think that line really sums up the true essence of Mo Heart!

You recently started Mo-Gul Entertainment, where you manage and take care of drag artists like Luxx Noir London and Robin Fierce! How thrilling has that journey been so far, and what inspired the decision to create Mo-Gul Entertainment?

“I don’t have a desire to twirl on someone’s stage. I wanna be on the block.” I say this all the time. I didn’t start out like most, so I won’t finish up like the rest. God has blessed my hands, the things that I have touched, and he has ordered my footsteps to walk in his path for me. #InMyOwnLane. True tea! I am very blessed and privileged, and I have been afforded many awesome opportunities that have allowed me to build wealth, making the right connections with the right people in power.

I have learned to observe the industry/game of how the game is played for me to go and then build my own table to bring others in and give them a seat at the table. Yes, I am an artist, but I’m also an entrepreneur, an innovator, pioneer, front-runner, a father, brother, and friend. It is the truth of the core that I want to be like Joseph, the man with the coat of many colors in the Bible story, who was set in place to help his people. So, being able to put people in place, and have them be set up for the future, makes my heart sing.

Courtesy of Studio71

Is there a queen who you’re not managing yet that you would love to manage?

No, not at this time, and to be perfectly honest, I didn’t start Mo-Gul either. I have a roster of drag queens. I started Mo-Gul to help queer people achieve their goals, so we started with drag queens because, at the time when I started my business, Luxx and Robin had just gotten on the show. I had to take care of my family and make sure that they were okay and were gonna be treated right. I wanted to ensure that they would maximize and monopolize on every opportunity that is yielded to them, helping them build a career that extends past the bar, which is a temporary guarantee once your season is over and there’s another group of new girls. What are you gonna do now?

So, I’ve had years of experience and insight. We signed the girls first and also a few others, like Kylie Sonique and Jessica Wild. I desired to venture out, expand, and work with queer singers, writers, producers, dancers, models, etc., but I’m also in no rush. I don’t despise the days of small beginnings. I, myself, have experienced the hardship, negligence, and the responsibilities of management and leadership growing too fast, being money hungry, and then losing it all. So, we’re doing it right, and in the words of JAY-Z, “If you were the only one eating on your team, you’re not a boss, but if everyone is eating on your team, then you’re a boss,” or something like that [laughs]!

For those who haven’t heard from you since RuPaul’s Drag Race: UK vs the World, how would you say your artistry has changed or evolved since that season?

I would truthfully say the focus. I was just talking to a friend about this. How many people come to me and say they love my artistry, referring to my drag aesthetic? This has changed in the sense that I no longer paint for the back row. I’m more refined and looking like the superstar that I am. My artistry is my music, my film, and television appearances. I’m going into the studio this week working on a whole new project, doing more film and television. I am also helping in assisting my clients by helping them be their most authentic, great self!

Is there anything else you’re excited to share with fans for the rest of 2023?

Mo Heart is taking over! Mark my words! Do you know that God loves me?! Chile!!! The wealth of the wicked is laid up for the righteous, for God’s about to give me a sickening pay out!

Courtesy of Studio71

Check out Mo Heart’s episode of The Walk In with special guest Ava Max here: 

Mo Heart’s new song with Charlie Xile and Oliver Twixt, “Mo Stunning,” is out now.