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Representing Sweden at this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, Loreen came swinging with her gorgeously melodic and hard-hitting track, “Tattoo.” Now, the song has become a global phenomenon, leading to Loreen’s historic moment as the first woman to ever win Eurovision twice.

With a second victory under her belt, Loreen continues to spread her positive energy, musical talents, and loving spirit across the world. The sensational vocalist plans to tour and release new music throughout the rest of 2023, keeping her fans fed and engaged like never before. Winning Eurovision is just the beginning of what this year has in store for Loreen, as her creative mind only becomes more and more of an unstoppable force.

Loreen spoke with Pop Crave about winning Eurovision, topping the charts with her hit song, “Tattoo,” and what her plans are for the second half of 2023. Keep reading for the full interview!

Hi Loreen! First of all, congratulations on all the amazing success that’s happening to you right now. To get things started, I wanted to ask more of a fun question. In just five words, how would you describe the artist known as Loreen?

I would say “nature loving.” That’s one word, okay? That is one word [laughs]! I would say “cinematic” as another word that would describe me, because I see everything in pictures… I would say “passion” or “integrity.” This is so difficult. I like it… It’s a good exercise because you learn to appreciate things about yourself that you hardly think about!

Now that it’s been a while since your Eurovision win and you’ve had some time to cool down a little bit, how have you been handling all the crazy media attention and hype that’s been going on in your world? Have you been able to find some time to destress and relax?

Well, honestly, I’ve taken at least three days off just being on my island. It sounds like I own an island but I don’t, okay [laughs]? No, but I’m out in nature for three days doing nothing. Taking a walk, bathing in the ocean, just trying to calm myself down. But you know, it’s been intense for six months or so, but beautifully intense. Not negatively intense. It’s almost like you can be beautifully tired too. It’s the happy tired. So, three days of nature and just doing other things. Painting my house, for instance!

What was your first meal after winning Eurovision?

The first thing that I ate the day after? Because it wasn’t so sexy the night that I won. I was like, “Ooh, I’m gonna have a glass of wine! I’m gonna have pasta,” but once I came to the hotel, the kitchen was closed! I had crackers and water… But you know, what did I have? I think we flew down to London, and me and my team actually had pasta. That was the first thing that I enjoyed, although I was a bit jealous because my PR lady – she’s actually sitting here – she had the better dish than me, so I was a bit jealous [laughs]!

Photos courtesy of Charli Ljung.

You’re the first woman to ever win Eurovision twice. Talk about a queen! What does hearing a statistic like that mean to you, and do you think this historic moment has truly sunk in for you yet?

Yeah, I mean, it makes me happy because of course it balances things up! Now there’s the lady that has won twice, you know? That’s fair! Of course, there is an underlying symbol in this for not only women but people in general. I know it sounds corny to say, but look at where I’m coming from. Like, I had nothing and I built it up. I say it’s all about a mindset. You can basically create anything you want. Anything! The only limitation you have is ding-ding-ding [points to her brain]! So, with that said, I guess some people maybe thought that it would be impossible to redo this again – and maybe even do it a little bit better – but we did it! It is possible. It’s all love. It hasn’t sunk in really yet, but yeah.

Not only is “Tattoo” the Eurovision winner, but it’s been in the Top 10 on the Global Billboard Charts and in the Top 5 on the Global Spotify Charts. Even after winning Eurovision, could you have ever predicted this song to blow up the way it has?

I never visualized charts and stuff like that. That wasn’t my vision when I decided to do this. My vision came from a loving place. I just felt like I have so much love to give. It sounds weird, but that was what I felt. Through this performance, I’m like, “If I could just create a performance that could reflect what is going on here and what is going on within you, also,” it’s just love… It all started with love. The feelings that I’ve had in my body every time they dragged me onto that stage with that big box, I gaze over the crowd and I meet people. We see each other. I’m sitting there for a while, and it’s such a beautiful connection there… I think all of these other positive things – you know, you’re talking about charts here and global bada-boom there – it’s just the fact of things being authentic and coming from a real place, you know? My whole goal, it’s been manifested.

The root is the love!

It is! It really is! It really is, and it’s beautiful. Collectively, we don’t understand how connected we are. It’s just so fucking cool. When you’re standing there, you’re like, “Everything is connected right now!” At that moment in the arena, there are certain moments in the song where you just stand. You’re watching people, people are watching you, and everybody’s synced.

I would personally love to see a Loreen Song Contest where it’s just you performing over and over again, and so that thought kind of inspired my next question [laughs]. Out of all the songs in your own discography, which song would you give your 12 points to?

Okay, right now? Right now, I’m honestly in love. I see relationships with songs like relationships with boyfriends, I guess [laughs]. Now I’m completely in love with “Tattoo,” to be honest. But I had another instance where I said, “Well, I might cheat on you with ‘Euphoria’ every now and then!” You know, I can’t just be with one!

You know, I’ve been listening to “71 Charger” a lot. I think that one is a super underrated track!

Yeah, you know! Now that you say that, maybe I’ll have a chat with “71 Charger” too [laughs]!

Are there any chances we could see you stopping by for a little tour in the U.S. ever? I know so many people, including myself, who would absolutely love that [laughs]!

Honestly, I would love that. Maybe I’ll set it out and it will happen eventually. That is the goal, you know, to spread energy. So, let’s see… Maybe not this fall, but maybe next year or the year after that. I don’t know. I’m gonna talk to my management and tell them that I just want to be in the states from now on [laughs].

In comparison to your other Eurovision-winning track, “Euphoria,” would you say everything going on with “Tattoo” has been more or less stressful for you with this being the second time around?

I mean, honestly, less. I think the reason why is because first of all, 11 years of experience. Also, since I’m a very spiritual person, I know how to shut down certain things. I wanted the performance and everything to be authentic. You don’t want the ego energy to come there. That is what pressures you. Like, “I have to be perfect! I have to be perfect with this one and that one,” and it just disturbs the loving energy. A loving energy, it’s not about me being perfect. It’s like me saying, “I really like you, man.” It’s not about me; it’s me telling you that I like you. So, what I did was I basically shut down everything that had to do with the competition. It’s almost like it didn’t exist. There are two things that exist: the performance, which is what I created, and the people. Those two things were my world for six months, and it’s interesting. It’s almost like I’ve been walking around in this world of not thinking about the competition, almost like it wasn’t there. The beauty of it was that it kept me Zen, but then again, I have to say I’ve been extremely disciplined, and I’ve been very much in need of creating something real.

I’ve been a warrior and my team have been warriors when it comes to protecting the creation. We did something here, and we had to make it the same way because you guys felt it. We were like, “No, we need it! We need that! We need this! It needs to be this way!” Good vibes only, so there was no pressure like that, but in the green room – at the end of it in those minutes when you see us – that energy is intense… I don’t know if you saw me, but I was just meditating. I was looking at my team like, “Y’all guys need to stop being nervous now because this is affecting me!” I didn’t know if it was me or if it was them, you know? Probably me, but anyways [laughs]!

Final question. You’ve already done so much this year, but there’s still even more to come. What can you tell fans about what’s left for Loreen on the rest of her fabulous journey throughout 2023?

2023… Do you have an hour or two, darling? Let’s go [laughs]! No, but actually straight after this, we have a period of just recording new music, so that’s fun. Also, producing the show that is going to be the tour that’s going to be in November. Basically, all of my time is being creative and creating stuff for you guys. That’s what’s going to happen. That’s the 2023 year! Creative year for you. I’ll probably release new music in a month or two, I would say… I’m pressuring myself now [laughs].

Loreen’s Eurovision-winning and chart-topping song, “Tattoo,” is out now.