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While the wait for Lady Gaga‘s highly-anticipated sixth studio album has left Little Monsters hungrier than ever before, we think there’s at least one good thing to come from this drawn out #LG6 tease that everyone can agree on: fan art.


Fan anticipation for #LG6 has reached a fever pitch in the months following Gaga‘s Oscar win and her new Las Vegas residency show, “Enigma.” With new conspiracy theories, photoshoots and cryptic tweets from the icon herself pouring through Stan Twitter on the regular, Little Monsters have occupied themselves by creating some of the best art among all the fandoms online.


Perhaps the most engaging fan art has come in the form of fake tracklists, with many theorizing Gaga will put out a single called “Battle For Your Life” after the phrase was used in the marketing campaign for her Haus Labs beauty line. A few fun dream collaborations include “1986” featuring Sophie, “Titanium” featuring Grimes and “Naked Lunch” featuring Matt Healy of The 1975.


Sources (left to right, top to bottom): @GagaTalk, @ArtFloozyEdits, @TimRaes1, @GagaDaily



Fans speculate Gaga will drop a single called “Stupid Love” following a tweet where the title was sneakily hidden in the bottom left corner on her iPhone. Another great fan edit imagines Gaga dropping a “slow techno song” with sensual lyrics titled “Body Heat.”



Credit (left to right): @Dioney_Alberto; Lemondedeurl (; and @AntonZabornikov



One of the most recognizable #LG6 fan edits comes from Twitter user @FAMEKILLS, which sees Gaga dressed in futuristic, chrome attire rocking Haus Labs-adjacent makeup. The cover art and fake track list ended up being shared on Instagram by none other than Grimes, the electro-pop indie artist whose name as been thrown out as a possible #LG6 collaborator for months.




If the cover art and detailed tracklists weren’t enough, Little Monsters have gone the extra mile by creating Spotify/Apple Music mobile renderings, vinyl packaging and even #LG6 Deluxe Edition art. Twitter user @fkanico gets points for creativity with a promotional video for Gaga’s new album titled ‘Enigma’ set to club-ready pop music.




With no hint of a release date given for #LG6 yet, fans will surely be churning out some more fantastic artwork in the months to come. Pop Crave combed through Twitter and Gaga fan forums to collect some of the best fan edits in the slideshow below (swipe for smartphone users).


What’s your personal favorite #LG6 fan edit so far? Share your thoughts with on Twitter at @PopCrave!