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An expert at bridging the gap normally thought to be between artists and their fans, AleXa has become known as a voice of reason and easily relatable humor for fans everywhere. She is a multi-talented idol: not only a singer, but also a dancer, songwriter, actress (and voiceover actress!). At this point in her career, she’s poised to take over the world.

Taking a moment out of her busy schedule to speak with Pop Crave, AleXa discussed her new single, “Juliet,” her recent non-musical activities, and what it’s like being a K-Pop idol. Keep reading for the full interview!

Your upcoming work in “Ghosts of Ruin” is highly anticipated. Do you have any personal ties to your character, Juggernaut?

She’s quite a spontaneous fireball and is rather similar to me in personality [laughs]. She’s very loyal to those she loves, much like myself.

How was your appearance at San Diego Comic Con for “Ghosts of Ruin”?

What a dream come true! I had wanted to go to Comic Con for years – and to be able to attend this year, not just as a spectator, but as a panelist?! Could not have been more thrilled for the wonderful opportunity.

How did your experience being on and winning the American Song Contest affect your life for the past year?

People not only recognize me as “AleXa the K-Pop idol” but also as “AleXa from Oklahoma, winner of American Song Contest” [laughs].

Your participation on HWAITING Season 3 with DIVE Studios was really well received. What was your favorite part of shooting the show? Do you feel like fans got to know you better through HWAITING?

I can only hope and pray to be cast in future seasons! It was such a blast to finally be back with Dive! I’d wanted to participate in HWAITING ever since Season 1, so to be honored with appearing in Season 3 made me super happy!

How does it feel to have fans make content based on your music and artistry, as you’ve always done the same for the artists you admire?

It’s quite interesting to me, because I used to be in their shoes. To this day, I still am a fan of various artists, but now, as an artist myself, I love keeping tabs on my fans!

With “Juliet,” you’ve shown another more raw side of AleXa. Was that a goal for you with this release?

I just wanted to share music that is 100% organically myself; “Juliet” may not be what I usually compose sonically, but lyrically I wanted to share a story.

Are there plans to continue expanding the AleXa universe?

If we could return to the “Revolution” era, I’d be head-over-heels!

You’ve written many of your songs and had input in the creativity of your releases so far. Is there any part of your career that you have yet to contribute to that you’d like to?

I’d like to learn how to create tracks and make beats! Also, how to mix and master music!

What are some of your goals going forward in your career?

I’d just like to perform as much as possible. As an artist, being stagnant is what I dislike the most. Being on the move, learning new choreographies, shooting music videos, performing in front of fans, that’s the kind of lifestyle I love.

What are your current pop culture obsessions?

Can’t say I have too many at the moment, as I’m kind of focusing on myself during my down time rather than binging a series or keeping up with social media… But if my fans have any more suggestions, I’ll gladly hear them out!

AleXa’s latest song, “Juliet,” is out now.

Written by Lily Dabbs.