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Despite his well-documented history of clout chasing at all costs, internet troll Larz has outlets like People, The Daily Mail and more reporting on his alleged Coronavirus diagnosis after participating in a toilet-licking challenge.


Larz went viral for all the wrong reasons this week after uploading his official “Corona Challenge,” a new “trend” that encourages users to film themselves licking a toilet seat amid the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. Days later, the influencer shared another video to social media from what looks like a hospital bed claiming he contracted Coronavirus.





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I got diagnosed with Coronavirus ?

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Those familiar with Larz‘s antics online have already raised suspicion about his diagnosis. Before his viral toilet-licking video, Larz grabbed attention for licking grocery store ice cream later sold to unsuspecting buyers and calling his family “irrelevant” for their low social media follower count on an episode of Dr. Phil.


Major outlets reporting on Larz‘s alleged diagnosis, however, don’t seem to understand the full picture. People, The Daily Mail and others fail to mention Larz‘s prankster history in their headlines, instead going for click-bait news that only encourages him and other influencers to use the Coronavirus as a means of clout chasing.





While many of these articles do good by contextualizing Larz‘s past juvenile behavior, the headlines alone play a dangerous game of potentially spreading misinformation about COVID-19. It’s more important than ever to research accounts like Larz‘s as there will will no doubt be more people leveraging the pandemic for personal gain.


Continue below to get a better idea of Larz‘s social media personality, including a video of him being told to leave an Apple store and his controversial Dr. Phil appearance:



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They kicked me out for being too skinny

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