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Grammy winner Rosalía revealed she has new collaborations with Travis Scott and Billie Eilish in the works in a new interview with Beats1.


The singer, who’s currently quarantined in her Miami home, told Zane Lowe that she’s using the added down time to produce more music: “I feel like there’s so many things going on it’s hard to focus, but at the same time I feel blessed that I’m at home, that I’m safe, and that I can make music and I have all this time,” she said. “I have this little studio here in one room. I have the basics like a midi keyboard, a computer, a mic, and I try to do all the vocal production for the next record. I’m working on another record.”


Rosalía collaborated with Travis Scott on the remix to his #1 hit, “HIGHEST IN THE ROOM” on ‘JackBoys’ in late 2019. The unlikely pair have finished a new, “super aggressive” track for the clubs that was supposed to be released last month, the singer confirmed:


“I was supposed to release a song with him last month that is for the clubs — super aggressive — that I’ve been working on for a really long time. [But] it has, I don’t know, an energy, that is so specific for a certain moment, that I didn’t feel like it was right to release, and I didn’t feel like it was connected with what was going on in the world in that moment.”



The banger is completely finished and even has a music video, Rosalía told Zane Lowe. However, she opted to hold back on the release considering the current climate and work instead on her newest song, “Dolerme.”


Rosalía also discussed her highly-anticipated collaboration with Billie Eilish, which has been teased for over a year now. The singer confirmed the track is still a work in progress:


“During these two last weeks I have been trying to finish the Billie Eilish collab,” she continues. “I think it’s getting quite closer. I think that the arrangements, I think that yesterday I finished the arrangements. I feel like the production, the sound design, is almost done, so I just need that Billie maybe sends the vocals and they send me the ideas that they want to add because we are there. So I hope that Billie sends me her thing.”




Rosalía also discussed her love for Frank Ocean after playing his new track, “Cayendo” during her guest DJ set on Beats1:


“I think every musician is connected with the moment we’re living in, so to say Frank Ocean didn’t influence you is a lie. It’d be just a lie. I think he influenced my generation for sure. In my case, it’s just simple as I want to make music. In order to make music I need to spend quality time doing that – – I try to do as much as possible to keep my energy making music.”


Rosalía recently surprise-released her new single, “Dolerme” on March 27th. Produced by Frank Dukes, the track sees Rosalía embracing a more modern pop sound mixed with the flamenco flair of her past tracks.





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